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Teething travails….

RS sprouted her first tooth at exactly 8 months of age (18th Aug’09). And like a foolish first time mom, i expected SS to do the same. checked for budding teeth every few days….then, a coupleĀ of times a week…and then i stopped checking altogether. There just didnt seem any point. He would happily gnaw at anything and everything…yet show no sign of the pearly whites!!

But this morning….there snuck out of his lower gum, the faintest chip of enamel…his first tooth. Would you think me crazy if i say that i shed a couple of tears??….of relief!!!

I was sooo worried that he’s gonna be toothless. everyone must haveĀ tried to console me that twins necessarily dont grow up the same way…specially when they are fraternal. But the heart thinks otherwise….I didnt want SS to lack in anything that RS has achieved. which brings me to another problem!! SS has started taking those first few steps on his own (before he falls flat on his nose!) and yet, RS shows no sign of bothering to move her butt. She’s content sitting in one place and hollering for people to get her toys/milk/whatever. Lazy bum! Must have gone on her father!.

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