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from my diary….

When the twins were born, i used to spend atleast an hour each night taking down their updates. I used to write in regularly. Somewhere along the way, being sleep-deprived for months…i let go of this beautiful habit.

Am ashamed…coz i missed out on the major landmarks in my babie’s development. And now, i’ve taken a chance to undo that error.

This blog is mainly my attempt to capture as many baby updates as possible…and also to take down regular snippets from my life….if i feel they are worth mentioning.

Will be posting the diary entries shortly (under the heading “Reminiscings….”.

Cheers till then.


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How does it feel to work on a task which is totally out of your expertise….? When you know NOTHING about it, yet , are expected to deliver it on time…? Do you feel that awful pressing sensation deep within your chest…? Or the roiling of your intestines….?

Am experiencing all these wierd sensations…because i think, no cut that out! I KNOW i cant do it. ?I have no idea where to begin…! just thrashing about in the wild (read : Googling) will take up loads of time.

What do i do??

Should i refuse to take this responsibilty (I’ve already done that once before 😦 ) ? 

Should i take it up and do a shoddy job of it?

Should i speak to my manager and ask for some more time (doubtful!!)

Am at my wit’s end!!

An to top it all….I waste time in blogging abt it! UGH! When will i learn?!!!

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