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Look who’s walking!!

Two days back , when i came back from office, as usual, i went to the room where RS & SS play till i come back home (after that i take them to my room). RS was crying over something…so i immediately went to console her. SS was about 1.5 metres away from us. Suddenly, i noticed a movement by my side, and found SS walking upto me…arms outstrecthed and the biggest grin on his face! Oh My!!! My baby has started walking!! I was soo excited that i kept yelling it to all who would listen!! BF had to hush me up! Almost 10 months old and already confident of his strides!!  Now if only he would put on some weight AND height!! (he still has a slight frame and is shorter than RS!)

RS walks too, but with support, holding onto something…haven’t seen her taking the initiative to walk on her own yet! Sigh!! the day is not far when i’ll be running after these two 🙂 and yeah, then, maybe, i’ll finally start losing this excess weight ! 😀 (Cross my fingers).

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