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have wings..will fly!

Few days back, i had written a  post about how SS had started walking.

I now have problem making SS sit. Yes, that correct. He doesnt sit. At all. The minute he gets up from his sleep, he’s on twinkle toes….running from one place to another. He walks the WHOLE DAY!!!. We have to forcibly hold him down for meals. And he yells blue murder for it. So now i’ve resigned to feeding him when he’s walking. Best part is, he’ll take in a morsel, walk around the place, and return back to me for the next morsel!! Cute , isnt it?!!

Am still in the process of making RS move her butt. This girl should have been born into royalty. Isnt there one thing she can do without being cajoled, begged and  pleaded ?? Alas, she makes it up by fawning all over me, giving big grins with scrunched up nose, eyes tight shut. Oh I love this girl!! I swear I do. She’s precocious….in her own unique way. SS is undoubtedly the lean-mean-killing machine. He’s the looker of the two, taking after his Abba, no doubt.

I really needed to think of something positve after the last post (which had me awfully disturbed). Just thinking about the twins has relaxed me immemsely.

*Signing off on a hum this time 🙂 *

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…….because some miscreants threw acid on her face .

Apparently, the motive behind this heinous crime is yet to be ascertained. In the meanwhile, the girl suffers….forever (with 70% burns….am sure she cant get her life back …may God give her the strength to carry on!)

Atleast the victim was an unwilling party to the scheme of things. What about the women/girls/kids here who were whipped for 5 hours. The women say ,””We believe that when we are whipped, we will get rid of all our mental and physical ailments and evil spirits.”” They actually wanted to get whipped!!…..for what joy?? Why?? Who told you that you were a sinner?? Who told the girls who didnt menstruate that they were sinners? Who told the girls that did menstruate that they were impure?? Its a no-win situation for these young things. What a dilemma?!! And for what fault of theirs?? Blame mother nature if you want to. But why Whip the hell out of these young things??? WHY???

why  Why  WHY are we soooooo DUMB when it comes to religion?!!! Please tell me that I’m ranting, and I’ll show you what it feels like to get whipped!!

If the priest wanted to “get rid of evil” why not whip the men?!! As the top most line of this post indicates, the most heinous crimes are committed by MEN. They are evil!!! Someone please PLEASE whip those guys (who threw acid) for 5 hours. Let them have a few scars to show…

Am so awfully mad now, that I better stop. There are just to manywords rushing in my head to actually make sense to you.

*leaving in a huff*.

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are manyfold.

For one, I dont have to explain why I need to work.

I dont have to explain why I get late at work.

I dont have to explain why I dont feel like going out anywhere (read:meet relatives) on the weekend.

I dont have to explain why I cant make time for household responsibilities (I do fulfill them when I have the time…but am under no compulsion to do so).

I dont have to explain why exactly we now need to keep a cook.

I’ve realized that it is pretty easy living with my ILs for a simple reason, that my MIL, being a working woman herself, understands my predicament. Not many working women are as lucky!!

Counting my blessings 🙂

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