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Technically challenged, anyone…?

A few days back, me and BF got into an argument about configuring personal mails on outlook. I said it could be done and he said its not possible. I said I can prove it and he bet me on it. Like a fool, I took up the bet without any prize money involved.

Anyhow, I googled and took notes and finally configured Outlook express client with the gmail server. I could now recieve¬†personal mails in my Outlook inbox.Yippee ūüôā . When BF came back home,¬†I proudly showed him the outcome of my efforts. He opened outlook, went to Tools->Account Settings ¬†and changed the email id from mine to his. And said, “I’ve been wanting to get this done for a long time”. Hellooo!! Does there exist a word called “Thanks”, or “Babes,good job!!” or even, “you are¬†brilliant!!” I surely wouldnt mind the compliments…and they cost nothing!! Nothing!!

Tell me honestly now, who do you think is more ‘technically challenged’ of the two?? (Not to mention, lacking in P’s and Q’s!!)

Edited to add: The BF has publicly thanked his wife.¬†He is very much welcome ūüôā .

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…..and the will to work towards it, is sorely lacking in me ūüė¶

Caught up with an old school time friend on facebook today. This is one girl I used to admire, for her sheer chutzpah, her charming demeanor and flawless vocabulary. She could turn on a guy just with the impact of her soft lilting words combined with an angelic smile and a look which spoke of the devil. Potent mixture, I say.  She ended having an arranged marriage which did her no good, a guy who just didnt understand the value of the gem he had. Nevertheless, she fought bravely for the custody of her son and is now a single working mother (her son stays with her parents, as she works in a different city).

While chatting with her, I confessed to post-natal weight issues, saggy eyes, dark circles and lack-lustre hair. And she demanded to know why I had let go of myself. In her words, “A girl has the right to look gorgeous, even if it is just for herself. ” And I realized, that not only had I let go of this right, I had even killed the will to attempt¬† looking good. The BF didnt help either. His confessions of “loving me as I am” no longer make sense to me. I do want to look good.¬†The good¬†friend also said, “I know I’m not the most beautiful girl around. But I know I can make heads turn. And I want my son to know that his mom is beautiful inside as well as outside”. What confidence!!! Why didnt it strike me what my kids will think about me. If they could think right now, they’d say, “Yeah, this sack in a salwar-kurta happens to be our mom”. Whoa!! What if they really said that to me !! *Shudder*.

Have fervently started rescheduling my daily calendar to fit in atleast 10-15 mins of exercise time.

PS: I had actually bought an exercycle in a fit of inspiration once. Will have to wipe the dust off it before I plan my exercise  regime.

Sharpfit Exercycle.

Sharpfit Exercycle.

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Read this is the news yesterday.

To say its shocking, is an understatement. Heart-wrenching, gut-twisting , mind-boggling, is more like it.

A little 4-year old get branded, for not having food on time.¬† Imagine the plight of all those working women who leave their babies in creches under the care of such people! As if they aren’t guilt-ridden already, add to their woes by torturing their tiny-tots with hot-iron!

I ask you, H-O-W can a normal human being even think  of inflicting a child of such an injury?? In my opinion,Chetna Dudhal and her husband Balkrishna should be branded on their faces to let the world know what levels these two owners of a creche can stoop to.

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