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Where are you from…?

Innocent question, isnt it?

Not for me.

Whenever someone asks me that questions, my mind goes blank. Then slowly, I  start off…about how my dad is from a town in Tamil Nadu and my mom is from Pune ( and no, it was NOT a love marriage, thank you) and how my Dad being in the army was posted in several places and as a family we tagged along with him, and how I’ve mostly stayed in the northern part of the country, and no, I’m NOT a “North-Indian” as you put it, but yeah, since both my parents are unaware of each other’s mother-tongue, we never heard a single word of either language being uttered in our house and thats why I am more comfortable speaking in English and Hindi and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, the person who asked the question could be heard mentally kicking him/herself for reminding self NOT to be so inquisitive next time.

The benefit of living in different states is that one always gets to learn a different culture, a different language, a different way of life.

The drawback is that, I belong nowhere. I cant relate to that emotion which binds one to his/her place of origin. Many times, I’ve said in jest, that I’m an Indian. Would you be surprised if I told you that that this statement was not taken to kindly? As if the person who asked my origins seemed to say,”Duh!! you are Indian!! What did you think we expected you to be?? An Ozzie???” (That Ozzie term was purely unintentional 🙂 )

But seriously,  its not funny, when you sit with a gang of friends and they start talking in the local language. Even though I may understand it, I’m not fluent in it, and it makes me miss out on the fun!! This used to happen in most of the places Dad was posted in.

By the time I came to Pune and got settled here, I was tired of attempting to belong. I’m happy the way I am. If I’ve not learnt fluent marathi, that would be because I no longer want to.  I dont have anything against Maharashtra or marathi, but I do object to people telling me that I should have learnt the language by now. MNS is not the only party touchy about their bhasha 😦 

Wish I could pack my bags and relocate to the place where I belong…….

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Destructive Duo…

Had my room ransacked this morning. The deadly duo went at everything within reach with a vengeance. Would have clicked a snap if only I could locate the camera in all the debris.  This is what happens if I go into deep sleep while the two are awake (In my defence, the kids woke me up 4 times last night, and by early morning, I was too exhausted to get up). With no one to supervise them (did I mention they’ve discovered the pleasures of ‘legs’) , they had a run of the place.

Chairs were overturned, clothes,towels,jackets pulled down from pegs, books yanked from drawers (which unfortunately, were not closed completely. Who would have dreamt that the gap would allow the chubby hands of two 10-month-olds!!). Whew!!

…….and this is just the beginning  😐 !!

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