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Daughters are darlings….

……and sons are brats!!

The best part of having twins of both gender , is that you get to observe closely, the many many differences between the physical and mental growth of your children. They may have been born on the same day and time, but they are so very different in their genetic make-up.

– Surprisingly, SS has turned out more active than RS . I’d heard that girls tend to walk much earlier than boys. The opposite is true in my home. RS is yet to walk on her own (Though she does manage to stand in one place without support), whereas SS can’t be made to sit.Even for a few minutes. He’s running the place down 🙂

– RS has a higher ’emotional quotient’ than SS. She responds to expressions. To happiness, anger, surprise. SS doesnt do that. He just gives a disdainful look, making you feel like a fool for all those funny faces you just made 🙂 .

– RS is non-clingy. She’s comfortable with anyone, even strangers. Show her anything to distract her from her mom/granny/great-granny and she’ll happily go with anybody. SS is the opposite. He will not even step towards a person whose face he doesnt recognise. The BF used to feel bad that SS does not recognise him much. But leave SS with BF in the presence of strangers, and he clings on to BF for dear life.

– RS is extremely tolerant towards her brother. SS can pummel her, clamber all over her, pull her hair and yet, RS does not make a sound. You try doing that with her!!! She’ll yell the ceiling down!!! On the other hand, SS hates it if you give preference to RS over him. Feed RS one spoon of food while feeding SS and he goes off into howls of protest. If RS ever grabs his hand/sleeve in her attempt to stand up, SS is sure to whine like a wounded puppy.

– RS is more active in her actions. She can raise her hand to her head when we say “Salaam”. She can do the clapping hands act. If you ask her how she pulls her hair, she can actually give you a demo. With SS, he will NEVER do anything you ask him to. Both kids love to put slippers(anyone’s) in their mouths. RS has learnt to drop the slipper if i say “NO” and shake my head. Not so with SS. He couldnt care less!!! I have to snatch the slipper away from him. He’ll just give a baleful look and scamper around for another slipper.Sigh.

There are many more differences that I come across each day…..maybe next time i’ll post some more.

Till then,Ciao.


PS: I’d posted a few days back about how RS always sidles upto her brother while sleeping. A cute thing happened this morning. SS had woken up earlier than usual. RS was still sleeping. I left SS to play with his toys while I was busy cooking in the kitchen. After a while, MIL came in and wondered why there was no sound coming from my room. I didnt realize when SS had become silent!!!!

I rushed to my room, to find that this time, SS had sidled upto his sister and was lying down besides her. Its no coincidence that in a bedding space of 7″ by 5″, SS found the spot right next to his sister!! And oh, btw, he wasn’t sleeping. He just lay there looking at the ceiling, while RS slept soundly next to him.

They do have a secret bond, dont they? May Allah make this bond stronger by the day….Ameen.

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