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Caught up with BFS last saturday. Its been ages since I’d visited her place, and it seemed apt that I partake lunch at her home (after a tiring shopping session. For the kids, of course).

Oh, before I proceed, a brief description of BFS. She is one of my B-E-S-T friends. A fool at heart. The kind who trusts anyone.And everyone. She’s been hurt many times. Yet, she retains her innocence. And thats what I love about her. She’s strong, independent and intelligent. But her heart lets her down.Everytime 😦

Anyhow, we got to talk about her marriage proposals …and she was quite annoyed, because , according to her elder sister, BFS needs to accept the first proposal she comes across (as she’s soon gonna cross 30). BFS was adamant in her refusal. Like she righfully said, “Being 30 is not a crime. And any proposal at this stage is NOT a favour to me. I can very well look after myself. I dont need a man to let me feel complete. I AM complete”. WOW!! Kudos to BFS for her positive attitude. And I know she faces flak from her relatives every day. Every single day. Yet, she has managed to stand her own. I do so want her to get married…..if not for anything, then atleast to wipe that wistful look off her face when she sees the twins. She so deserves to have kids of her own. She’ll be a great mom someday. I know that.

On a similar note, do check out Unmana’s list on “7  Wrong Reasons for Getting Married“. Great Post. Great mood uplifter 🙂

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Another murder in Pune….!

How does it feel when your husband’s colleague turns up as a statistic?? Well this is the case I’m talking about.

The BF was awfully shaken up after the incident. He had worked with her in his previous project. To him, she was just another married woman techie, like his wife.Which made matters worse.

I’ve been recently bugging him to let me travel to office on my bike, since the company vehicle takes up too much time. Moreover, my office is just a couple of miles before the location where the techie was kidnapped from. The BF has flatly refused.Vehemently. And I dare not contradict him. Though Pune is much safer than any other city (please read this news item) , this incident has sent shivers down my spine.

To top it all, the TOI runs the statistics for the last 2 years. Scary!!

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Working overtime…..

…has become a second habit for the BF!

The first being, grabbing sleep whenever/wherever he can!!

Its been a hectic week. For me as well as him. But the hours he’s been putting in are insane! Working 15-16 hours everyday, including weekends!

The entire last week was spent without a decent conversation between us (can 4-liner chats be counted as conversation?? ). I used to be asleep when he turned up home. And he used to be asleep when I left in the morning. There were days when he came back after I was asleep and left even before I got up!! Somehow, in our line of work, these kind of schedules are expected.  And accepted. We have to take into consideration client requirements, budgets and what-not! But we dont take into consideration the time lost. The missed conversations. The little updates shared from both sides. The trivia talk about babies. The relishing of little achievements of the double-duo. So much and more….

I missed all this .  And I chided the BF regularly about it. The poor guy was patient as ever (OR ignorant of my ranting) and informed me that this schedule is gonna continue till end of Nov. Thats nearly another 50 days of bulleted speech (where we list only the most important topics to each other. Gross.)

Hope he gets over this schedule soon. And pray that I dont get into a similar situation (which seems quite probable. More on that later).

Have a great day readers. All 3 of you 🙂 .

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Err…is that a compliment? To her? To me?

Is it rude to tell a mother that her kids look nowhere like her?

I didnt realize I was guilty of the same behaviour.Until I started getting it back. By truckloads 😦

RS is far fairer than me. Plus, she has a cute turned-up nose and almond shaped eyes. In all, she looks more like an East-Indian than an outcome of a  psuedo tamilian-maharashtrian pairing 🙂

Its no wonder then, that people keep commenting that she looks very different from me. If it is a compliment to her (and I do hope it is) , I accept it gladly (notwithstanding the fact that the person has just hinted that I look ugly 🙂 ).

But there also exist people who look intently at her say that she looks…well….”different”. What is that supposed to mean?? Is she supposed to look like a copy of her her relatives (read: parents, grand parents,etc)? Is it a crime if she doesnt? Is there supposed to be a mold in which babies should be cast? My baby may not be the most beautiful in this world. But she is, in my Universe.

Somehow, these things dont rile me in case of SS. But why does it hurt when I hear the same things for RS?  Is it true that daughters are more closer to a mother’s heart? Answers, anyone..??

PS: Here’s a snap of RS taken a few minutes before her bedtime. The lighting’s not right as  the snap was taken with only the camera flash for light.

Looking up at mamma

Looking up at mamma

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