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……over Baby SA.

He’s sooo gorgeous. And looks soooo  edible!! I’d munch him up for snacks if I was there in B’lore. The BF would beat me to it though(he has a weakness for chubby cheeks. Of babies. 🙂 ).

Bags is doing a pretty neat job of bringing him up. Though mom does visit her often to help out, she has to pretty much handle the baby all by herself.The whole day. Thats the reason she isnt back to working yet (what a waste…since she’s so super talented). Am awfully blessed that way. With a houseful of people, I dont really have to worry about the babies. I just look after them in the night.When they are solely mine to hold 🙂 .

SA has inherited my sister’s eyes. His eyes change colours varying from powder blue to saphire to dark grey to grey-green.  Delicious, isnt it.

Posting a snap of bags with SA ( for you to drool at) :-

Baby SA, with mamma bags

Baby SA, with mamma bags

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About the new job….

…am liking it. Maybe not too much, but definitely yes.

Here are some highs and lows of this new place :-


1) I once again get to work on my domain (my comfort zone).

2) The office site is great. Work environment is peaceful.

3) We get GREAT COFFEE here. Am addicted. Already 🙂 .

4) Unrestricted net access. Which gives me a chance to blog when I have the time.

— —

1) No more free food.Sob 😦 .

2) Extended work hours.

3) Excessive travelling time.

4) No friends (yet. Can be easily rectified).

5) Remote location. No decent restaurants/eateries close by.

PS: Before you people start thinking that I have switched companies, lemme clarify. Am deputed at client side for a few months(which may get extended …. 😦 ).

I seriously miss my office. It may not pay much, but it feels like H-O-M-E.Sigh.

Dear AD, if you are reading this, kindly consider my name in the next appraisal cycle. I swear I’m the most loyal employee you have (Which other fool quits a company 3 times…and then rejoins again!?!).

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T(w)inkle toes…

I have always been against useless adornments on babies. Be it Kohl (kajal)laden eyes, wrists full of bangles, waist chains, anklets, etc. I prefer babies being babies. Not over decked decorative pieces.

Being in a joint family, I sometimes have to relent and give in to demand by elders (Though, there are times when I manage to hold my own. Like the time, everyone in the family wanted me to apply kohl to babies’ eye. I refused flatly. I dont even let my MIL to apply it to the twins). I do allow them to put a small dot on the forehead or cheek.

There are also times, when I give in..like two days back.

The twins had received  loads of bangles/anklets during their naming ceremony. But I never made them wear all that. Firstly, because these ornaments were not really safe  (the designs had sharp edges and could easily cut through a babies’ skin). And secondly, because they are totally unnecessary. Two days back, GMIL insisted that since the babies were running their 11th month, at least now I should allow them to wear the bangles/anklets. I didnt want to, but GMIL was quite insistent, so I thought, ok, maybe this one time. So I brought out the stuff. Most of them had become too small for them (yay!!). Yet, we could fine two sets of anklets which fit the twins perfectly. The bangles given by BFS were the safest, as they didnt have any design on them and were really very smooth. They promptly went on RS’s wrist (where she tried to yank it off with her teeth. The monster!!).

SS wore the anklets given by my Chacha from down south. We couldnt find any bangles for him (Thank GOD!!).

Back to the topic, I had mentioned in an earlier post that RS is still not ready to walk on her own. Well, 2 minutes after putting on the anklets, what do ya know!! RS took her first few independent steps!! And she’s been at it since!! Looks like those tinkling bells at her feet have encouraged her to walk on her own!!

This is one time, I had to swallow my pride, and agree that the anklets did indeed result in some good!! Though , I’m still against Kohl in the eyes.  And NO, kohl DOES NOT make the babies eyes bigger. It just changes our perception of their eye!! Even home-made kohl is harmful for a baby. Read this for a better explanation.

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….and its YOU!!

I started this blog, with no hope of anyone ever coming across it. For days, I didnt announce its existence to anyone. Not even my family. I had a few loyal readers (thanks Tai, Hari, KA). So I never really bothered to check the stats on this blog.

Until this morning. And what do I see?? Nearly 15-20 hits each day (I know there are people who get hits in hundreds, but for me, these visits are just as precious as this blog). Whoa, when did so many people visit me?? And didnt even let me know (its OK if you dont comment. Its just kind that you visited 🙂 ).

To all of you who went through this blog, I offer my sincere Thanks. I do hope I make this virtual space interesting enough for you to visit again. And again.

Lotsa love,


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