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What happened to modesty…?

I guess it has taken a backseat in the world where we need to fish for compliments ūüôā

With people becoming more and more stingy with their compliments, it is no wonder that being modest is no longer a virtue. You need to market yourself. You need to yell from the rooftops about your qualities (even if you dont have any!!).

I came across many such examples in the last few days…which made me ponder, and hence, this post. Below are a few snippets of conversations with friends :-

1) “I dont use eyeliner. My eyelashes are so thick and heavy, if I use an eye-liner, I would look too seductive”.

Err…ummm…..ok. If you say so!!

2) “I’ve managed to keep my figure despite pregnancy”.

Huh!! Thanks for making me feel frumpy. By the way, isnt that a compliment which others should give you?

3) “ALL my male friends have proposed to me, one time or the other”.

And…how do I verify that claim?

4) “Mujhe nazar bahut lagti hai. I try NOT to wear clothes that make me look good, but still…lag hi jaati hai“.

A kaala tika on the cheek would help, I guess.

5) “I have accomplished so much in such a short time. The entire department depends on me. The day I quit, these people will be scampering like rats”.

Heard the one about being “irreplaceable”? You sure wont be promoted buddy!!

There are many more instances, though I dont recall the exact words to put down here.

I was brought up with values that one should never sound his own trumpet. Let others praise you. Dont be the first to praise yourself.

Am sure many of you must have also learned these lessons as a child.

What happened now? When did this change of basic morals come along..?

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A budding Gymnast…..

……is what RS aspires to be.

Basis for my premise? Well, sample this :-

1) RS can pull off her socks with her teeth. She simply brings a foot to her mouth and starts yanking off the tips off her socks.

2) She can arch her back in the most impossible curve. Try picking her up when she’s NOT in the mood. You’ll know what I mean!!! The first time she did it, I was so scared, I nearly dropped her!!!

3) A few days back, she was standing next to the bed, holding on to the mattress for support. The rug on the floor had a silk cover and her feet started slipping in opposite directions. Before you could say “mamma mia”, she executed a perfect split, and got up again as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, mamma took a few deep swallows to push¬†down the heart that was lodged in her throat.

4) She is¬†a contortionists’s delight , in her sleep. The way she can twist her body in seemingly improbable positions, is amazing. Hear this : She once slept with her cheek resting on the bed. Under normal circumstances, a person’s tummy would also be resting on the bed. Not so with RS.Believe me when I say that her knees were facing upwards, while her face was resting on the bed.Weird, I say!!

5) RS doesnt seem to have bones. None of them. She feels as if she’s made of rubber.Liquid rubber. I swear, her arms seem to turn 360 degrees in their sockets!! She’s so pliable, I almost feel I can stretch her and she’ll become taller!!!

All this while, poor SS gets sidelined as the proper stiff young boy…who gets minimal attention, because his sister is busy entertaining everyone with her antics. Alas….such is life ūüôā

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