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I’m famous for thinking too much. Or worrying too much. And its true. The kids are not even a year old, and I’m already fretting over instilling good manners in them!!! Why, you may ask. Because, we were brought up in a strict disciplined way. Where good manners reflected well on our parents. Dad, being an army officer, was awfully particular about etiquettes. He still is. Mom did her best to make sure that we keep up certain standards in our behaviour. This included refraining from swear words, apologising at the right time, minding our P’s and Q’s , not demanding toys and other stuff when we go out shopping,not retorting back to elders, and so on.

Even now, people can get away with saying rude things to me or my brother sisters, but we still have difficulty in snapping back at them. It’s just not a part of our mental build-up. Which, in the long run, is good. Because we learn to control our irritation/anger.

I want my kids to behave well. To know when to say “Thank You”. When to say “Please”. And most important, when to say “Sorry”.

Problem is, kids tend to learn more from their peers than their parents. And unfortunately, I dont see kids these days following any such basic manners.  I agree that English is not the commonly used language in Indian households but ‘please’ ,’thank you’ and ‘sorry’ are very familiar terms and am sure most people understand what these terms mean. If not English, then at least teach the kids the same concepts in their local language.

There are plenty of kids in BF’s side of the family. NONE of them has ever shown even a hint of manners. I dont blame them. I blame their parents.  Specially the ones who are educated.

Their kids create havoc , which I dont mind. What I do mind, is not receiving a “Thank You” when I hand them toys or chocolates. What I mind is kids demanding stuff, but not bothering to prefix a “Please” with it. What I mind is kids running rampant, breaking stuff, but not uttering a single word of apology, or even a look of remorse to show that they feel sorry. Meanwhile, the parents look on indulgently. Ticks me off miserably!!

I dread the thought of my kids ever behaving in such a way!! And I know, that I’m the only one who will take this initiative.  Call it a cultural difference, if you may, but these etiquettes are seriously lacking in this household. I cant change the other kids, but I’ll have to double the efforts with my kids. The BF helps out often on these issues….but then, he isnt around the kids for long enough to make a difference!!

My niece and nephew in B’lore are lucky that way. Their parents and grandparents are very particular and am sure they will be brought up with impeccable manners. I dont want my kids to lag behind. I dont want to give my parents a chance to cluck disapprovingly when they see the twins forgetting theirs.

This post is turning into a rant….so I better stop now. I dont even know what triggered off this outburst in the first place 🙂

There is still a long way to go.  RS and SS are yet to speak a single coherent word.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just have to chart out my strategy. Disciplining these two isn’t gonna be easy……… 😐

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Vote Statistics….

The BF and me got talking about the recent LA elections held last week (13th Oct). The State Govt. had declared a holiday on 13th to woo the public to come out and vote. Not surprisingly, only 50% of the population turned up to vote in our city. BF made some really good observations about the turn out. Here is the crux of our conversation :-

Total turnout for voting = 50%

That means, 50% of the people voted for some party or the other.

Also, 50% of the people DID NOT vote for ANY party. That would imply that 50% of the population did not consider any candidate worthy enough.

Suppose, there were 5 political parties involved in the elections, and suppose that they got equal votes from the 50% of people who did vote, that would come to 10% of votes for each party.

BUT , it would also mean that there were a whopping 90% people who did not vote for that particular party!!

Isnt that an indication in itself about what the population thinks about the parties involved??

Suppose, of the 5 parties involved, one of them wins by a majority of 20% votes. Even then, in the overall perspective, it has lost the votes of 80% of the people. Can such a party really be worthy of  “winning the elections” ??

I know, there exists Section 49(O) for No Vote. But exactly how many people are aware of it?? Newspapers carried the Section 49 information the day before the polling. Shouldn’t this relevant information be made available earlier?

Also, there is a separate registration process for NO Vote. You need to register your name and the reason for submitting a no vote. Why isnt there anonymity on a No Vote? There does exist a button on the EVM for it, doesnt it?

Here’s a snippet from MID-DAY (Mumbai) dated 15-Oct-09

What’s no-vote?

The None Of The Above (NOTA) option, commonly known as no-vote or protest vote, can be exercised under section 49 (O) of the conduct of election rules.

Under this section, the polling officials will give the voter a slip on which the voter can sign stating that he does not wish to vote for any of the candidates.

The no-vote numbers are included when the voter turnout is calculated.”

Edited to add :- Just in case you are wondering, I did vote. For the very first time 🙂 . Here’s proof :-

My Vote...

My Vote...

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