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There are times when the day starts off so bad, you wonder how you’ll get through the rest of it.

Today is one such day.

It happens to be an important day today, we are having the twin’s “Hakika”. And of all days, I had to report to work today. I tried to apply for leave, but that was out of question. So I agreed on reporting till noon. This news has not gone down well at home. I wont get into the details, but suffice to say, the mood is rather low and I want to hurry up and leave.

I guess there doesnt exist a concept called “work-life-balance”. At least, not for a working mother!! The scales tend to tip one way or the other. And to keep it balanced, would mean indulging in some serious acrobatics. Which is just not my cup of tea.

Considering I didnt feel like writing  much, I’ve added a lot many lines to this post 🙂

Logging off now.

Hope you all have a better day than mine.


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