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Soapy tales….

The title sucks BIG time. I know. Please ignore it.

Had a conversation with a colleague a few days back (was it weeks?).

It came to mind because of another conversation I had with a few friends today. This was related to how the ageing process works for men and women.

Anyway, regarding the conversation which took place a few weeks back. I met the colleague from my office (also deputed at client side temporarily, and also referred to as KA in some of the posts) and we got chatting and found that we had similar tastes in reading. It being a Friday, the talk turned around to weekend plans. It went something like this :-


aur kya plan hai long weekend ka?
spend time with kids
U’ve got kids?
i have 2 kids
KA :
Aap Santoor istemal karti ho kya?
they are twins
and 10 months old
Oh okk, great!
KA :
aur tumhari shaadi hue kitne saal ho gaye?
3 years
i mean, abt to be 3 years in dec
btw, am much older to you
🙂 Isiliye to poochha, u can advertise for Santoor

Hehe!!! Eagerly awaiting  the BF’s call (which he’s definitely gonna make as soon as he reads this post 🙂 )


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On Skitt’s Law…

I recently came across a few grammatical errors in some of the leading news sites. And thought of writing a post on it. Until I came across this article (Point 4.).

I stand cautioned……..and corrected 🙂

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Offering Aqiqah

The twin’s aqiqah was long due. I wanted it to be done before the twins completed a year. It kept getting postponed for some reason or the other.

We finally performed the ritual on 24th of this month.

And I’m a relieved mom 🙂 . I have fulfilled one of my duties as a parent.

It also gave a chance for all relatives from BF’s side to meet the twins. There was an unfortunate event before the kids’  naming ceremony because of which only a handful of BF’s family could attend it. This time, we invited everyone all over again.

I might sound like a gushy mom, but I must say, the twins lived up to the event beautifully.

There was no fuss from the two. They didnt even cry!! Not even once!! In fact, they were super kicked to see so many people. At one point of time, I had no idea where the twins were. They were handed from one set of arms to the other. RS was busy giving out cheeky grins and getting a zillion kisses . SS was mostly solemn the whole time, trying to take in the cacophony around him. But he didnt wail or yell when people picked him and showered him with kisses.

We were all bone tired by late night. SS had his dinner on time and promptly went off to sleep. RS was so high on adrenaline, that even by 2AM, she was fresh as a daisy!! It took all my will power to stay awake to make sure she goes off to sleep first.

Overall, it was a great day.

I missed my parents. But I can understand their absence. We gave them a very short notice and there wasn’t enough for them to make arrangements. Hoping to see them in Jan next year.

PS: If anyone is wondering, why I didnt wait for the twin’s b’day, they’ll have to wait for a few days. I have my reasons and will be posting it shortly.

Till then, have fun, y’all.

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