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If you have received email hoaxes by the dozen and hate them as I do, then read on.

If you are the ones, who panic when they receive such forwards, and then forward it to ALL on your contact list, then I BEG you to read on.Please. Do me this favour…!!

There was this once, I’d forwarded an email alert to my brother on his office ID. Bro sent a stinging reply, the gist of which was something as follows :-

“You are a blot on the IT industry. You should be ashamed of heeding to such nonsense mails which do nothing, but clutter the network bandwidth. A simple google search would have opened your eyes, if only you had bothered to look”. This is a very refined version of what he actually accused me of 🙂

Anyhow, since then, I can detect a mail hoax from miles away. Here is a list of pointers which help to quickly identify them :-

1) Use of CAPITAL letters. Yeah, thats a giveaway. As clear as day. You see a mail which contains half the text in caps, kindly re-direct it to the nearest recycle bin.

2) The mail insists that you HAVE to send it to everyone !!! Yeah yeah, dump that one ASAP.

3) Contains prophecies too scary to comprehend!!! Shudder! Your hard-disk will be wiped out!! All your contacts would be infected too!! None of your applications would behave as expected!! Your Favourite Aloo Chaat would be taken over by the Baingan Bharta!! (Ok, that last one was by me….but you get the drift!). Dump this one too.

4) “If you click on so-n-so link, AOL will donate such-n-such amount for a so-n-so cause”. Its a wonder AOL isn’t bankrupt yet. With the number of hoaxes using their name, AOL sure is getting some much-needed publicity!!

5) “Poor so-n-so is dying of cancer and needs help immediately”. These hoaxes have been going around for so long, that the poor so-n-so must have died a natural death due to old age by now. Stop wasting your sympathy. The trash goes into the bin. Right now.

6) Contains hoax images. Most people forward such mails because they arent able to detect the fake from real. Test your hoax detection skill here. And yeah, dont forget to delete that mail!!

Happy mailing people 🙂

Hoping to get some reprieve from hoaxes henceforth ….. 🙂

PS: For a post warning about mails containing too many Caps, I seem to have overshot the limit meself. Sincere apologies 🙂

Edited to add : Do let me know your scores once you take the hoax test. I scored 70%. Not bad I say!

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Just when I thought the world is a queer place, I come across articles like this.

There is humour in it somewhere, if it wasnt for the sad tragedy.

But lets focus on the humour 🙂

While reading the first few lines, I pitied the bride whose dreams of matrimony got squashed …. none other than by her own fiance.

And then I found out that they were both aged 62.

Old enough for the man to act fidgety when it comes to suspicious noises in his home. And old enough for the woman to make shuffling sounds when she moved about. Cant blame them both.

Its fate. It really is.

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……and how to have a say in these matters.

One of the disadvantages of living in a joint family is that no decision has a single owner. Too many people have a say in all the matters. And a final decision takes place only when ALL the members agree. This works great at many levels, since all members of the family get equal status.

It works horribly for me, because rarely do my ideas find acceptance. And I need to wait for approval from many quarters. The BF is awfully loyal in such matters. He stands by my ideas and gets them implemented.

We have a wonderful house. Large, spacious , with two big balconies overlooking the main road. It wasn’t brand new when we bought it but the previous owners never really lived there. There is so much that can be done to enhance the space. Alas, the opinions vary :-

FIL : hates clutter. Likes to have bare minimum furniture. Lesser is better, is his standpoint. Severely against buy new stuff, if the older ones are in working condition.

MIL : wants to do away with most of the old stuff and get newer stuff that suits the house.

GMIL : strongly condemns the thought of doing away with old stuff.  Get new stuff if you want, but the old ones stay.

BIL : wants to totally revamp the place. His idea is to restructure the house internally, to accomodate a room for GMIL, a room for study,a prayer room, etc.

BF : Couldnt care either way. Whichever decision is finally agreed upon, would be duly carried out by him. No questions asked.

Me : Ummm…am at a loss here. There were sooo many things I wanted to do, but now I can barely recollect even one!!

BTW, I stand guilty of having one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. I was never known as a spick and span home-maker. The Bro had even warned commented on it to the BF (before my marriage).

I have my reasons. There are many things that I’m interested in. I like doing a little bit of embroidery,painting,sketching,music,star-gazing,etc. and hence, my room has the paraphernalia related to all these activities. Add to it, the loads of stuff belonging to the twins. Also add to it that we are yet to get decent wardrobes/cabinets made, so most of the stuff lies around in cartons shoved under the table, over the table, under the bed, over the cupboard….you get the drift. No wonder my room likes the Salvation army’s junkyard!

And, I’m still awaiting consensus from the entire family for getting the wardrobes made in my room.

PS: In the IL’s defense, any furniture work conducted, needs proper planning and finance. We cant be only re-doing my room. There are 2 other bedrooms which also need to be redone, along with the hall and kitchen. Hmmm…that sure is gonna take up time (AND money). No point in me ranting about it 🙂 .

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Dancing Duo……

I had reported recently that RS had started walking. What I didnt expect so soon after that, was to see her dancing!!

Yep. The little darling can move her butt and arms in rhythm to music.

The BF’s cousin had gifted a cycle for the kids. The kind which has a button which plays snippets of hindi songs (like “Bebo main bebo”… I know, dont even ask!!)

Anyway, press the button and see RS moving her butt up and down, along with her arms. What about SS?? Well, he does a wierd movement where he moves only his arms (Dharmendra style) and barely moves his legs (a probable case of two-left-feet, me thinks 🙂 ). Surprising part is that we never switch on the television in the twin’s presence. In fact, we never switch on the TV, period. So I have no idea where these two got their influence/inspiration from!!

(I really should record a video and upload it . Will need to put up a reminder for that!)

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