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There’s been some film shooting going on in the campus where I work. Under other circumstances, I would be glad. I would even venture out to see how the shooting takes place. But I didn’t.

Reason for rant – They’ve blocked the main arterial road for a month. The company bus has to now travel all around the perimeter of the campus to reach the main road in a total of 15 mins (which otherwise takes just 2 mins).

That means 15 mins of further delay in reaching home!!

That means 15 mins of fretting over whether the babies have gone off to sleep without me 😦

That means 15 mins of time spent inhaling copious amount of smoke and dust.

That means 15 mins of further stress to the eyes (because I just CANT sit in a bus if I dont have something to read!!)

Thats means ……nothing. Cant think of any more complaints.

Rant over.

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You know your babies have started developing a mind of their own when,

….you end up feeding a morsel of food to their cheek.


….changing diapers becomes a test of  your patience and skill.


….you end up rattling the toy yourself,  because the kids are no longer interested in it.


….you excitedly point out someone/something to your child and he/she is deeply interested in your pointing finger.


….you make a gurgling sound (like the one your baby makes) and he/she looks at you as if you have lost your marbles.


….you try to teach them to say ‘abba’ and they look at you and say ‘pbfrrrrrrrrttt’.


….you pick up a doll/toy/clothes from the floor and put them on the bed, and it is promptly thrown back. A zillion times.


….you try to make them sleep, but they slither away from your arms, to turn back and pat you to sleep.


….you claim to guests that your babies get clingy in the presence of strangers, to find that your baby refuses to come back to you once he/she finds that the guest is leaving!


….you try to prevent them from pulling people’s hair by gently pulling at their hair, only to find the baby take it up as a challenge and yank your hair harder!

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