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Water baby

So the twins have turned out to be water babies after all.

They simply LOVE water.

From splashing in their tub at bath times, to pouring water from a glass to up turning jugs of water, to guzzling it down by the litres, they’ve done it all. Water activities reign in the household. Which is good.

What is NOT good, if the fact that winters are setting in. Its getting colder. Though the kids love wetting themselves (and I dont just mean peeing every 10-15 mins) at every given opportunity, staying wet just gives them the chills, and subsequently a cold n cough (I know, I know,  cold water DOES NOT cause ‘cold’. The viruses cause ‘colds’). It’s just that they are more susceptible to catching the virus when playing with cold water.

Anyhow, I digress. The intention behind this post was to mention something that happened yesterday. GMIL had gone out visiting relatives, so MIL and me took up the task of bathing the duo. RS was feeling sleepy, so was not every co-operative when it came to undressing her for the bath. After a few minutes of power struggle in which RS did her best to prevent MIL from undressing her, MIL gave up on her and left her alone in her birthday suit, diverting her attention to SS.

What does miss RS do next? She walks up to the bathroom. Since she cant cross over the threshold, she crawls over inside. And goes to sit on her stool next to the bucket.

All on her own. My baby, who’s not even a year old, is ready to take a bath on her own!! Who would have thought it!! Definitely not me. I rescued her in the nick of time from spilling cold water from the bucket on herself. Though I doubt she would have cared.

Sniff. Have they really grown that old?! And to think they’ve already started giving feelers that they dont need us anymore?!! What happened to clingy babies who wouldn’t take a step without their mamma?

These kids do make me feel sooo useless 😦

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Weekend drought

Each week, I take down post titles that I should write during the weekends. And each weekend passes by without me even switching on the PC, let alone logging in to WP.

Where does this time go?

2 days. 48 hrs. They pass by in such a blur of activities. Yet, there is no time for blogging. Sigh.

Remember the diary I had mentioned once? The one in which I had taken down baby updates after their birth. The one I’d planned to transfer to soft copy, for posterity. Well, I’m yet to start typing out the first entry in that diary. That is my main target for each weekend, and I’m awfully behind schedule.

I wanted to wrap it up before the kids turned one. That gives me exactly 2 weeks 2 days to do the needful.

It’s impossible.

I’ve failed even in this simple task 😦 .



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What makes a Mother…!

Ahh!! Another two weeks plus, and the twins will complete one year. One Oh-God-Where-Has-Time-Flown year.  The Omigosh-the-kids-are-already-ONE type of year!!!

There is so much that needs to be covered . So many things to describe what this last one year has been like! How do I start? Where do I start? Have been trying to collect all the instances and make sense out of them.

So let me start with myself. A lot has changed in me and about me.  Not sure if other women have experienced the same changes. But based on my experience, here is a list of things that happen when you become a mother of  twins-nearing-the-age-of-ONE :-

– Your purse carries at least one of the following :- pacifier, wet tissues, diapers, feeding bottles, hand-towels, rattles, baby cream tube, a pair of socks.

– You have lost hair by the handfuls (not your hands).

– Poop filled nappies and puke-stained clothes dont gross you out anymore.

– You become immune to eating baby leftovers. You dont mind gulping down the cold slimy sludge which is baby food.

– Your ears are sharp enough to hear a baby crying two blocks away!

– You dont remember the last time you visited a parlour.

– You can survive a full-time job and family life with only 3-4 hrs of sleep per day.

– You develop biceps and triceps because both the kids insist on being carried at the same time!

– You suffer from back pain almost the WHOLE day (from bending and picking stuff strewn all over the house).

– You have a spring in-built in your back which makes you look like a J-I-T-B when the kids start whining in the night.

– You end up in office with only one ear-ring in place. And yet, are not bothered.

– You become deaf to high-pitched sounds. It doesnt hurt the ear-drums anymore.

 – ALL your conversations start AND end with what the babies did that day.

– You learn to ignore the bored looks of people when above conversation takes place.

– You remember home-remedies for regular ailments at the tips of your fingers.

– Your mobile phone contact list has more doctors than friends.

– Extremely high grocery bills dont worry you. What shocks you to death is the rate of baby diapers and cereal. Rs.12/- diaper!! Thats some expensive poop out there!!!

This list started getting longer than I had anticipated 🙂 !!

Anyhow. thats all for now. This is just the first year (More about first-year experiences here ). There are many more to come.

Need to keep the sanity and humour intact till then 🙂




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On Tantrums


Act 1.

Scene 1.

[Center Stage] RS and SS are trying to wrestle each other for the bottle of shampoo. RS is getting the better of SS, which makes him start his famous dog whimper.

[Left of stage] Entry of  Mamma. On seeing the squabbling twins, she thinks of  settling the matter. Grabs the bottle of shampoo and throws it out of their reach.

SS : Throws back head, does a 180 degree turn, sprawls on the floor and starts kicking arms and legs.All the while howling loudly.

RS : Plunks herself on the floor. Puts hands together and bangs them on the floor (‘Rudaali‘ style). All the while wailing piteously.


Why the theatrical reference to a normal scenario, you might well ask! Isn’t it obvious, I say. Both my kids are ‘Drama Queens’. Yes, that includes SS too.

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