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Health update

The twin’s cold is better now. They still have runny noses(thank God. It would have been far worse if they had stuffy noses!!!). The mood is better, though RS is still a little whiny. She insists on being carried the whole day!!  SS is still his naughty self. Blabbering non-stop in his secret language, trying to get hold of as many things outside his reach as possible, and generally being a good boy.

They slept better. Both were into dreamland by 10 pm and woke up only twice for their feed.

It also means that after day before yesterday’s night duty, I got a good night’s rest yesterday. Feeling refreshed and much better than the last few weeks.

On that happy note, a Very Good Morning to all you readers.

Have a great day today.



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Coming home to the kids is a joyful experience. Every day.

And so,  coming back from work yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing the kids . Opened the door to find them playing in the hall with the GMIL and MIL.

One look at me and the two started racing each other to reach their mamma first. I was so glad, happy,delighted,whatever-you-may-call-it as I sat down with my arms open to hug the two.

These two stars in my life, with big grins, unbalanced steps and bright shiny eyes  focused only on their mamma, came dashing at me. With the biggest grin in place, I waited indulgently.

And what did the two do next? Any guesses? Just as they neared me , they did a by-pass. Or in other words, a Royal Detour. OR, a nasty “haha-fooled you-didn’t we?” turn.

Best described as follows :-


How the twins bypassed me!!

Mamma was left sitting with empty arms still held open to the sound of loud guffaws from the MIL and GMIL.

I sat there appalled over my babies’ deceit 😦

And to think, they BOTH took the same line of thought!!  Did they decide  beforehand on tricking me like this? Is this a part of their secret baby language which happens between the two?? Oh God.What all  else do these two have in store for me next?!!!

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