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“Happily Unmarried”

Is that what all your bachelor friends say??

Mine do. All of them.

And so, I’ve decided to forward them this link called “Happily Unmarried”.Its for all those of you who abhor the thought of marriage (at least for now 🙂 ).Hop over there and check out those amazing products they have lined up. If you are married, then do gift some of these things to your bachelor friends. They’ll be eternally grateful. At least till the time they get married. After that, they’ll simply sob over the good days gone past. Sniff.

Anyhow, do read the comments written for each product. They had me in splits. Sample this :-


The "Corporate Ladder"

“Desktop photo frame, you can put pictures of your family but if you really want Fast promotions put picture of your bosses’ kids

 (If you want to get sacked put pictures of his wife instead)
Price: Rs. 400.00 for climbing the steep ladder of success”



Sugar,Coffee and Tea Jars

 “In the motion picture Bobby when Dimple ji opens the door and see Chintu ji for the first. The words that she says are” Dibba”well here you are then, get your own Tea, coffee, sugar dibba.

Confuse the ants put Sugar in the coffee jar. 

Price: Rs. 600.00 for living out of the box “ 


Recession Beer Glass

 “In the good old days, these would have been ordinary  30ml shot glasses but with the recession and all we are forced to use them as Beer Glasses. This way a 330 ml pint can give you 11 glasses. Bachat hi Bachat  

p.s. If you are wondering why the thermacol sheet is visible in the background then the recession has really not affected you.This product is not for you, you rich offspring of unknown parentage!
Price: Rs. 200.00 for for celebrating the stock market crashes ”

Also checkout their wonderful range of bottle stoppers. My favourite was the hand-pump one. Absolutely delightful!!Have fun people. Including you, the married ones 🙂 


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