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A day at the park

Today the MIL and I took the twins to a small park near our place.

RS and SS were quite apprehensive of the surroundings. SS braved the swings for a few seconds. But he was scared alright!! RS was absolutely horrified by the slide and even refused to sit on the swing 😦

I was so looking forward to the kids enjoying the rides….but I guess they are still too young.

But hey, what I didnt expect, was to see them having the time of their life just running on the soft grass of the lawns 🙂

The space, the sights, the smell, the colors, the feel ….it was all absorbed and enjoyed. Am mighty pleased that the kids loved the greenery and fresh surroundings. Even they can make out the difference ( Makes me feel guilty of the kind of environment we are giving in heritage 😦 )

I really should have taken them there earlier. Since it was close to sunset and getting dark, RS started whimpering non-stop. We just HAD to leave.

And like the typical absent minded mamma, I forgot to get the camera along.

Whats worse? I even forgot my Camera phone (without which I NEVER go out anywhere!!!)

So no pics this time.

Hoping for some better time AND pics next time.

Till then,

Ciao 🙂

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