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(Un)intentional Hilarity

“Yaara Oh Yaara….milna hamaara…jaane kya rang layegaaaaaaaa”

Remember the song?

Or you remember Sunny Deol doing his impersonation of the IPL cheerleader’s act?

Anyhow, heard this playing in an auto this morning. And had this rush of emotions clogging my head. I just have to vent it out here!!

The song, as you all know, is from this movie :-



As I was saying, this movie was released in 1996. And being in the remote Army location, we had the opportunityof seeing it somewhere around 1997 or 98 in an open-air theater (that pleasure in itself demands a separate post!!).

The reason I remember this movie so vividly is because I have never laughed at any other non-funny movie ever!! Seriously.

The movie was a mound of clichés. No, make that a mountain. As far as masala movies goes, the director had collected ALL the spices he could lay his hands on. Alas, not ALL spices compliment each other. Something that the director overlooked!

Anyhow, here’s what I found funny :-

First, the cast.

Karishma Kapoor. This film is from the days when the word “Subtle” didn’t exist in her vocabulary (or anyone else’s for that matter). She tore the screen with her high-pitched screams and over-the-top acting. The make-up itself could make you go deaf!! Yeah, it was that loud!

Thankfully, Manish Malhotra rescued her in time for her next release a few months later(Raja Hindustani). But still, she HAD to revert back to her old style (remember the RED dress with the RED lipstick, RED shoes and RED choker?? Makes one see red!!)

Salman Khan. Am no fan of his. Specially when he carried the “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun” hangover for waaaay too long. This movie wasn’t an exception. Acting like an over-keyed Jack-in-the-box is fine to a certain extent. Its when we cant differentiate between the actor and the JITB, that we have a problem. In this movie, he’s supposed to be KK’s childhood lover. So that gives him the liberty to hop all over the place proclaiming his love for the heroine. I wish parents make sure their kids have better modes of entertaining themselves so that they dont grow up to be a pain-in-the-you-know-where!!

Sunny Deol. How the mighty had fallen. Sunny baba tried his best to revive his character from the Ghayal days. It just didnt click. Wearing a dirty wig, dirty clothes and mean expression, Sunny didn’t evoke the dread that his character was supposed to. It evoked laughter. Much of it. Mostly because you could see his wig slipping in many scenes 🙂

 pre=””>Alok Nath. Nothing much to say. Alok Nath has mastered the art of being the single-father-painfully-bringing-up-kids-single-handedly-only-to-be-spurned-at-all-stages-of-kid’s-romantic-life. He excels once again. If you begin your career as “HaveliRam“, you really cant expect much in future, can you?

Anyhow, back to the movie. A couple of scenes which were really funny went like this :-

1) KK confessing to Alok Nath (Eternal father) about her love for Sunny’s character. KK , with disheveled hair, big tears streaming down bigger cheeks and bright lipstick in place,  wrings her hands in frustration and yells, “But I love him PAPA”. I wasn’t the only one laughing then 😐

2) During the song, “Saanson ka chalna….” , there is this scene where SK is behind KK and he goes down tickling her back (The description is gaudy, no doubt. But you have to see it to believe it!!). KK clasps her hands in sheer rapture, eyes closed. The camera pans to a train in the background. What SK didnt realize , was that he was still in frame when the camera panned to the train. So at one time, as he goes down behind KK, he gives up the tickling and turns his face away from her with an “I-better-get-the-smell-of-this-perfume-off-my-senses-and-ASAP” look. His hands are off KK, but yet, she continues wriggling rapturously!!

3) SD doing push-ups with a kid(aptly called Timepass) on his back. KK comes up giggling and replaces the kid by herself. Apparently, SD does not hear her giggle, nor does he realize the change in weight (assumption being that KK weighed the same as a kid half her height and half her size), he doesnt realize the air is more fragrant (owing to high spirits.  Of course I’m talking about the perfume !!), he doesnt hear the rustling of her clothes (Those were the days when the heroine used to be clad in yards of cloth. Even in a shalwar-kameez). Conclusion being that SD was a blind/deaf/ someone-who-cant-distinguish-smells/someone-who-cant-feel-the-extra-weight-on-his-back.

And KK falls in love with him. Why?? WHY??

There are many many more such instances when there are serious gaffs in the movie. You dont even need to look for them They stare right at you. Apparently, this movie was a ‘Hit’ , maybe because of the songs. But then again, who in their right mind would like to see a gaudily dressed Sunny Deol stomping on mother earth for all he’s worth!!

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So BFC has gone on vacation to Kerala. A couple of months back, she had been to Goa.

BFS just came back from a two week vacation to North India.

BFG was on a similar vacation last winter.

I could sooo swap lives with these three.

Am jealous. I am 😦

I really need a break. A good one. And so does the BF (He deserves it more than me).

But am stuck with work till mid Dec. Even then, am not sure I’ll be able to have the time. I can just about take a week off from work in a year. And the tie is between going to a far off place, or visiting parents in B’lore.

Since parents will be coming to Pune in Jan, I guess this time, we may just get our chance to go vacationing. Maybe to Goa. If not anywhere far, then at least close by, like say, Mahabaleshwar!!

Its the babies. I really dont want to take them really far off from home. In the unlikely event of them not adjusting to new surroundings, we should be able to get back pronto.

Dear Best Friends, do let me know how your vacation has been. Also, please send the snaps (I know, two of you have already shared their snaps. am waiting for BFS to send in hers now).


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