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Tooth Update

The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :

Upper = 4

Lower = 2

Total =6


SS :

Upper = 2

Lower = 2

Total = 4

The twins are teething rapidly .  Their bite is worse than their bark.Really.

They love biting into anything AND everything they can lay their hands on. Testing their tooth strength maybe!!

At this rate, I feel that it wont be long before the Tooth Fairy comes visiting!!

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Winter babies

Its getting cooler by the day. And the twins seem to enjoy the nip in the air.

Winter is definitely their season of choice!!

One of the toughest tasks these days is making them wear their sweaters and monkey caps (I really must remember to click a few snaps of them wearing the monkey caps).  Since I dont switch on the fan during the night-time, they keep rolling  on to the floor in their sleep. The cool floor is more welcome than the warm bedding!! (The bed is still out-of-bounds, the twins havent learnt yet that they can fall off if they come anywhere near the bed’s edges!!)

The only thing that worries me is the probable return of H1N1 in Pune. The city is still fighting the first wave. I really dont take the kids out anymore. But it feels rotten to keep them jailed at home, specially when the weather outside is so lovely!!

But as long as they can enjoy the weather and keep their spirits and OUR spirits up, who’s complaining 🙂

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