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Driving in the rain….!!

Its pouring cats and dogs here. In November!! Nature’s vengeance, I guess.

And it was just my luck that I missed the company bus yesterday morning. Had to take my bike to work. And then it started pouring the WHOLE day!!! And heavily at that.

MIL called up in the evening to warn me to keep the bike in office and come home by the bus. Hehe. Little did she know that I was looking forward to the drive home . In the rain 🙂

Anyhow, left office around 7:30 pm.  I had a jacket which was waterproof when I had bought it some 5 years back. Obviously, it had to lose its waterproof-ness just when it was raining AND cold. I left the basement and approached the main road. I hadn’t considered the force with which it was raining. It was windy,wet,cold and i had a useless jacket for comfort. Was drenched within seconds!! Braving the winds, I sputtered on. And as I progressed, I realized how much I like ( no , make that LOVE) driving in the rain.

Those fat drops falling over your face, stinging ever so slightly (ever notice how fresh you feel after facing the rains??), fogging up the night-glasses I was wearing. Had to hastily remove them before I rammed into any other vehicle (makes me sympathise with people who have to wear glasses for eye-sight in the rain. Must be sooo difficult for them to navigate their way).

As I drove, I tried to recollect what all I loved about driving in the rain. So here goes :-

— The cold cold wind. Instant refresher 🙂

— The frozen fingers…..two fingers on the brake which are able to move just that much to make the bike slow down (and avoid speeding).

— Water logged roads. There is no pleasure greater than driving through a water-filled road, splashing water in great waves from both sides . Although, I HATE it when a car comes close by and splashes me !! Yeah, am selfish like that!!

— The anticipation of reaching home to warm clothes and warmer babies AND a HOT cup of tea. Bliss!!

— Feeling that first trickle of water which has wound its way through the jacket. The shiver of apprehension about which other warm part of your body is going to be assaulted by that one drop !!

— Lesser traffic. Makes driving all the more pleasurable.

— The mist, the barely visible road ahead (more so, because you have to ride with your head bowed)

— Singing in the rain 🙂 . Yeah, I wasnt the only one who was humming to herself. I found a few more people who were happily yodeling on their bikes while overtaking me.

Aahh!! What fun!! I wonder when the kids will experience their first rain.

Maybe next year, when it rains and the weather is warm, then, I might initiate them to the pleasures of the cloud-bounty 🙂

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So the next-door-neighbour’s kid came in to play with the twins last evening. Lets call her SK. This kid is a regular at our place and loves the twins to bits. It’s common for her to take the twins to her house sometimes.

Just what she did yesterday. Only difference being, she took only RS because SS was with the BIL. Once at the neighbour’s place, RS kicked up a huge fuss!! She wailed and howled and made everyone there worried.

SK, being wise for her age, came back to our place to collect SS.

The minute RS saw SS, she calmed down and started playing with the people there. It’s a different matter that she ignored her brother thoroughly! What mattered more to her, was his presence.

Am in a dilemma. Is it good, this dependence on SS ?

I know these two have hardly been away from each other for more than 30 minutes. And I’ve joked before about how, they both try to wake up each other if they find him/her sleeping.  What I didnt realize before was that they are so used to one another,that separating them would only cause us a lot of head ache.

I know I worry unnecessarily, and the twins just crave to be with someone their size (so they dont have to crane their necks to look up at other people!!)

Anyhow, am just glad they are fraternal and not identical. Then, we’d have trouble handling the judwa 😀

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