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Of Twilight and New Moon

Have you read the twilight series? The ones by Stephenie Meyer.

Or maybe watched the movie version of the first book called, yeah right, Twilight.




New Moon

IF (and thats a BIG if ) you are a Twilight fan, read on but dont comment. If not, read on….and comment if you have the time (Which is NOT the case with most of my readers, since I get zero/zilch/nada/cero/nul/nought/zip comments!!)

I watched the movie at home. Pirated CD , of course!! How else do you think half the population of India watches English Movies?!! ( Multiplex, you say! Oh yeah, the multiplexes here in Pune display posters of English movies months in advance, but the movie runs barely a week before its pulled down. So just when you find that week-end time off to visit your nearest multi for a movie, what-do-ya-know!! The screens are replaced by movies like “Teree Sang” (I kid you not. Thats how it was spelled) and “Agyaat”!!)

Anyhow, so I watched this movie at home. And here are my impressions about it :-

— I didn’t find the romance between the lead pair captivating. It seemed more put-on. Forced. Kristen Stewart as Bella is sooo un-convincing!! And I so hate her voice (also called as alluring by some, but hated by most). You can hear her here (tongue twister, those last 3 words 🙂 ).

–Edward Cullen is one Vampire with heart. And RPattz does do a good job. If only he wasn’t so effeminate in his looks…..its almost as if God started creating a woman and changed his mind at the last moment, and gave him that awfully harsh sculpted jaw!! It clashes so bad with the rest of him!! And he actually has a fan following among guys!!! Shouldn’t be surprising actually, stranger things have happened before( I believe there exists an Emran Hashmi fan club having male members!! Shudder!!)

Taylor Lautner as Jacob was the only convincing actor. Sadly, his cheerful, boyish face was hidden behind all that hair.

But the movie was a HIT , and that matters the most , I guess.

The sequel to it is releasing shortly..another 8 days to go. Am not sure whether I want to see it or not. The only favourable part is that this sequel’s lead is Taylor and NOT RPattz. And if you’ve seen the promos, you’d know that Jacob has chopped off all those tresses and looks, oh-so-stunning!!!

Talking of sequels, is there any Hindi movie which had a successful sequel?? (Munnabhai doesn’t count, because the second part was not in continuation of the first one. There is ‘Nigahein’, the sequel to ‘Nagin’ and ‘Dhoom2’ . Haven’t seen both. So no idea about their success factor.)

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