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I was busy at work last week when the BF calls up.

BF: Salaam.

Me: Walaikum Salaam.

BF: So, whats up?

Me: Nothing much. Work. How about you?

BF: Same here.

(Cue for regular readers to roll eyes in exasperation. Alas, thats how verbal we both are.  On the phone atleast. Anyhow.)

Me : How come you called up at this time (close to lunch hour).

BF : I have a surprise for you.

Me : (squealing with delight) For me?!! Wow!! Whats it??

BF : You’ll find out when you come home.

Me : What rubbish. You know I can’t stay normal till then. Tell me NOW.

BF : No way. Take care. B’bye.


Me : @$@  #%#%#^^   *%^&%@# !!!!

(At the phone, of course)

So me resumes work, talking to meself.

“……hmmm…so the GS2 activation takes place when we give the right serial number…hmmm ..hmmm…I wonder what he’s got. What if I give an incorrect serial number? ….Out of the blue? Wonder what the catch is?!!…….Must remember to ask Durga about the transfer and  warrant scenarios…..is it for the babies by any chance? he doesn’t differentiate between their needs and mine anymore!!…..hmmm…hmmmm….got to add a couple of new test cases …hmmm hmm..what if its something I dont like? *immediately feeling ashamed of meself* ….hmmm I wonder when the devs will give the fix for this….hmmmm hmmm!!)

*Throwing up hands in frustration* “I can’t work like this.”

*Picks up phone. Dials the BFs number(tik-tik-tik-tok-tik-tok-tok-tik-tok-tik)*.

BF: What happened.

Me: You Know I can’t work like this. You KNOW it!!! Now out with it.

BF : Hehe. Why dont you guess.

Me : I’m awful at guessing. Now dont do this. Tell me right now.

BF : Ok. I’ll give you one hint.

Me : Only one??

BF : Uff, you want the hint or not?!!

Me : Ok. Out with it.

BF : It’s for your own personal use. For just you.

Me : Great!!! I wonder what it is.

BF : Think, think.

Me: Ummm…is it clothes?

BF : No

Me : Shoes…?

BF : No

Me :  *rubbing hands in anticipation* Jewellery…?

BF : No

Me :  *deflated now* Ok, cant get it. Can I have one more hint.

BF : Nopes. No way.

Me : Please please. Pretty please.

BF : Oh well….ok. You need it in the morning…and maybe sometimes saturday afternoons!!!

(Oh God!!  He must have been the Riddler in his past life!! Me frantically starts thinking of stuff that i may need in the mornings. But it no-way co-incides with what I might need on a saturday afternoon . What would one do with a good novel in the morning?? Anyhow, me starts listing stuff.)

Me : You got me a toothbrush? But then, I wouldn’t be needing it on a Saturday afternoon, would I?? Unless I wake up really late.

BF : HAHA. It’s not a toothbrush.

Me: Thank God. Then is it toothpaste? dental floss?? Hairbrush?? Clips? Hair bands? Bracelets?

(Though I dont see how the last four items are related to saturday!!)

BF : Nopes. Forget it. You’ll see it when you come home.

Me :  *absolutely frantic now* You KNOW my day will be wasted. I wont be able to work even a wee bit. Dont do this to me. Give me some more hints.

BF : You are so hopeless. Ok, fact is, it can be used by you and sometimes by Ammi.


(Double HUH!!)

Me :  *faintly….* ummm…I thought it was only for my personal use!!

BF : Did ya say anything?

Me : Not really. Just that your hint rots. You are awful!! And not to mention mean.

BF : I dont know why I’m wasting my time like this. Come home in the evening and see it for yourself.

Me : No No. Am sorry. Its just that I’m unable to think of anything. Just one last hint.

BF : If I give this hint, you’ll come to know.

Me : Thats  the intention.

BF :  *totally resigned to humouring his daft wife* Well, you may need it after your bath.

Me : OHHH!! You got me a “TOWEL”!!!!

BF: Of course NOT!!!

Me : What then? A Hand towel?

BF : Ufff

Me : Body lotion?

BF :  Nopes

Me :  Vaseline?

BF : Nopes

Me : Surma???

BF : Ughhh. I think I give up.

Me :  *The bulb lighting up at last!!* ” You DIDN’T??!!!!”

BF : Yeah. I did.

Me : *Gushing with love and warmth* How sweeeeet!!!

BF : OK, stop the mush. Gotta get back to work now.


I guess most of you would have guessed what the BF got for me!!! For those as daft as me, here’s the thing :-


The new Revlon Ionic Hair dryer

A brand new Revlon Ionic Hair Dryer……in shocking PINK, no less!!!

Note : Of ALL the hints, I guess only the last one was closest to guessing the real thing.

The BF would never make a good quizmaster 😦

Edited to add : Doesn’t this scene remind you of this episode of FRIENDS ??

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