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….the weather is so dull and drab for days that it seems all the energy is sapped out from your body.

And then, one day, you step out of the house and see the first dash of blue..


Early morning sky while waiting for the company bus.

A single streak of visible sky so blue, so azure  that you can only think of better things up ahead.

Then you come to office and the day passes by quickly. After lunch, you think of taking a walk outside since the rain gods have relented the contant shower. And you see this –


Emerald Green and Copper-Sulphate-Blue

My camera phone did not do justice to the beauty of that scene. The bright green of the grass complimented the vivid blue sky so beautifully!!

Couldn’t help clicking a few more –


The office complex in the background


The blue glass reflecting the blue sky. Gorgeous!!


Canopy of Bamboos over the path ways.


A lone duck in the pond.

It was so sooo beautiful!! If not for any other reason, then for this nature’s gift alone I would agree to extend my stay here!!

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Dear Dadi,

In another 48 hours, the twins will complete a year.

A year spent partly in worry,laughter, axiety,delight,panic and fun.

A year watching the twins grow from two fledgelings comprising of skin and bones  to two bonny babies with a mind of their own.

A year spent being torn between the decision of being a Stay-at-home-mother or a Working-mom.

A year of sleepless nights, frequent illnesses and many scares.

A year of happiness, loads of cheer and bushels of patience.

And through it all…..I cant think of anyone else whom I can pay this dedication to, except you.

I know you will never read this post. I know I will never be able to express all this to you directly. I know we have too many differences between us.

But I also know, that there is no one else who could have cared for the twins like you have. I know that you love them more than anyone else in the family. Even me. I know that each day you feel guilty that you are not able to look after them yourself and need the assistance of that useless maid.

Each day that I read some gruesome, sordid news about cruelty to infants/toddlers, I’m deeply grateful to Allah for bringing the babies to this household. where they are loved, their each action cherished, where everyone makes sure that they do the least harm to each other and themselves :). I can focus on my work in office, because I know that they are in the safest hands possible.

You say you are lucky to be around to look after the twins. I disagree. Its the twins who are lucky to have you. You, their Great-grandmother. They are lucky to be the recepients of such undiluted love and devotion. They are lucky to have your blessings for their each step. They are lucky. And I’m indebted. There is no way I can come even close to reciprocating all this love.

You relish giving them their daily massage and bath. You lovingly powder them and dress them. You diligently prepare their meals and feed them. You make sure that they get their milk at the right time. You sacrifice your afternoon nap to make sure the kids get some sleep. You keep them entertained and occupied. You sing them lullabies which I could never do.  You take delight in every new action that they learn. You teach them small tricks. You shower them with so much love that its heart-breaking.

You crave for when the kids will start sleeping with you. As of now, their mamma is too greedy of those few hours she gets with them. And also, the twins are yet to learn sleeping through the night 🙂 .

Dear Dadi, may Allah bless you with a long and healthy life. Long enough for you to attend RS’s wedding (yeah…I heard that faint lament you made once….and my heart ached at that wistful tone of yours.)  May these kids bring you as much joy to you as you do to them. May we be as indulgent to our own grandchildren (if, we are around by then). May the love, happiness and sunshine never leave our threshold. Ameen.


Not-So-Grand Daughter-in-Law 🙂

RS with Big-Dadi

RS with Big-Dadi


SS with Big-dadi

SS with Big-dadi

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