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Have you seen the latest print ads for Sony VAIO laptops?

You might have seen this pic –

Competing with laptops!!

So the laptop is apparently soooo slim, it can put Kareena to shame!! Or is it the other way round?!

This is what she had to say at the VAIO lauch in Delhi :-

“The whole size zero thing in India has more to do with people being slim and lightweight. And I am slim and lightweight. And so is this laptop. I think this new laptop is very chic and sexy and people also often associate me with these qualities”. Ahh…what modesty!!!

Hop over  here for more details.

Well, this makes me think…..there is something awfully wrong with the whole concept!!

Of being slim.

Or being sexy.

Or our current perception about these two qualities. Something just doesn’t click.

For instance, check out Kareena. If it wasn’t for her facing the camera (AND wearing heels), we could have easily mistaken the figure for a guy dressed in tights. Does being size zero mean you lose all vestiges of looking like a woman?? Lose the 3-D image and reduce to a 2-D? Tell me, just how can a FLAT person call herself sexy?? Where are the curves darling?? You want to define sexy?? Go and have a look at your sister. And learn a lesson or two.

Secondly, the association makes no sense.

Does the ad imply that having a VAIO on your lap is akin to having Kareena sitting on your lap?

Does it imply that to use VAIO, you should also be Slim and Lightweight?


By the way, ‘slim’ works for gadgets. Not humans. Check out the poor girl. she looks so under-nourished!! How could the media ever portray her size in a positive light?!!  she can afford a trainer to make sure she stays pencil thin (…no make that ruler thin…since a pencil has curves) but there are many impressionable young girls who would give up on a healthy diet just to get that fashionable emancipated look!! Egads!

And how could a reputed company like Sony use such a mascot?!

Frankly, for me, the ad is a complete put-off. From the word go.

I have nothing against Ms.Kapoor.  I only wish , of all that she earns, she put aside some money for food. Seriously 😐

As for the laptop….ummm….nothing against it too…except, being so light-weight, it may not assure one of being sturdy!! Just not my type, frankly (Not that I was gonna buy one….but putting forth my two cents 🙂 ).


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