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…..we forget to celebrate the international Men’s day!!

Yup! Nov 19th each year is celebrated as the International Men’s day, though WHY would anyone, ANYONE in their right mind want to do so, is beyond me!!

So, apparently, Mid-Day ran an expose on how guys dont get the same rights as women where harassment is concerned (more here).

Well, to be true, Women dont have many rights to fight harassment themselves. As is clear by this case  where the ‘Police’ refused to lodge a complaint against the men involved saying it would bring a bad name to their family. WTH !! Make that a Double WTH!!!

Some more related instances can be found here , here and here.

Crimes against men are way too few compared to crimes against women. And crimes against men committed by women, is even rarer.

So I guess there’s no point raising a hue and cry for injustice against the men. Your complaints are too few and very late in the day. The queue is already full of grievances demanding justice for women and children.

Men, you will just have to wait your turn!

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Happy Divorce!!

Naah…am not planning on releasing the BF anytime soon.

This post is not even about congratulating anyone on their divorce.

It’s just that I came across this mail a friend had sent , called “Divorce Cakes”.

They are so absolutely cute & cunning…. 🙂

Here are a few :-

PS: Note that EACH one of them depicts the Groom as the victim!! Or the reason for Divorce!! Take it any way you like it 🙂

Aiming for each other's heart ......in a different way, of course!!

Jill DIDN'T tumble after 🙂

A heart without love lays barren....!

Umm.....a little gruesome, this one!

This one's worse!!

Burying the Ring!! How symbolic!!!

I love this the BEST!!!!


So yeah, moral of the story is…if you plan to divorce your partner anytime, do get the bakers to bake a cake that best represents your marriage.

And watch others having fun!!

(At your expense , of course!)

(Also hoping that it would make you re-consider your decision 🙂 )

Anyhow, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do…and a girl’s gotta ditch such a guy. Thats life! I guess. 😐

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The twin’s B’day came and went (on 18th). And I’m still writing them a B’day post!! .I’ve been adding a few lines to it everyday and I’ve realized, its so very difficult to pen down a whole year’s experience in a few hour’s time!

I’m still at it….diligently. And I hope to finish it before the kids turn two 😀

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