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My most loyal blog follower……

….reads the blog titles and gets the rest of the details from me.

Sample this :-

Me  : (cribbing one day) I have only 3 regular reader 😦 . You NEVER read my blogs.

BF : Hey!!! Of course I do!!!

Me : Oh yeah?

BF : Of course. There was this post on dadi.

Me : Ohh!! You read it?

BF : Nopes. I just saw a couple of snaps in it.

Me : 😦 .See!! You never read it.

BF : (cleverly side-stepping another possible rant-fest)  By the way, what was that post on Kareena??

Me: (all reminiscent) Ohh, actually, she’s the face of the new VAIO laptop and you know, since she’s so slim now and the laptop is also slim , so I thought they complimented each other in such a wrong way and …….hey!! Wait a minute!!! You said you read the post!!

BF : Umm…actually, I didn’t have the time to go through it completely. Anyway, what about the video you linked to? How did you do that?

Me : Actually, I found it on you-tube and I really liked it. So I added a link to it on my blog. Wasn’t it good??

BF : Not sure. Wasn’t able to access it.Slow network. What was it about??

Me : (awfully suspicious now )Do you even spend 2 minutes on my blog??

BF : Not really. But keep up the good job!!

Me :  😐

Thats one down 😦 . Luckily, I at least have 2 regular readers!!

Aps and BFC, if you are reading this, believe me, I count on you to keep this blog alive!!

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There was the time when the twins used to be busy playing in the morning and I could quietly slink away from the front door.

Then came the days when RS learnt to wave goodbye. So every time I left for office, she would wave a chubby hand in a way that only babies can do and give me a bright smile.

SS, though not yet acquainted with the hand wave,  would simply smile and mutter a load of gibberish. Overall, leaving for office was a breeze.

Not any more.

I have to trick them. Leave them in another room with their dadi or big-dadi and close the door to it. Or play hide-n-seek and rush out as they try to hide.  Right now, even these tricks don’t work. For the last couple of days, RS and SS refuse to let me out of their sight. And if I make the mistake of carrying them, they refuse to get off, clinging on for all their worth.

Just this morning, RS howled her heart out while I was leaving. The MIL had to use all her might to make sure RS didn’t jump out of her arms!!!

It makes me feel guilty. Deeply, miserably so!!

Damn this job!! Damn the money I make!! Which is not much in the first place!!! Damn the company I work for!!!

It’s just so not worth it!!

And yet, these howlers become quiet  the minute I leave. And play around as if nothing happened!!

Then why, WHY do they take pleasure in tormenting me like this!?

I really wish that this project gets over ASAP. And I can get back to my own office, where the timings are more flexible, and I also save up to an hour’s time in travel. It may not seem like much, but an hour counts so much more when you have kids!! I’ll get to spend that much time with them!!

Right now, I leave at 8:30 in the morning!! Since the kids wake up at 8, I barely get 30 mins with them. I return home by 7:45pm . The kids have dinner around 8:15 pm and are off to sleep by 9. Where then do I get time with them!! It’s no surprise they are getting clingy these days. Their mamma is hardly around anymore!!

I guess till Jan next year, I’ll have to suffer these tantrums. Cant blame the kids, really. But I have committed my time here and I can’t go back on it. Professional ethics, you see 😦

Uggghhh!! Why do women have to go through all this?!! Am sure the BF doesn’t spend even a minute of his day fretting over these issues.  Am soo jealous right now!!

PS: I do have a very supportive family. The BIL spends time with the kids till he is home, GMIL is always there for them. MIL and FIL come back from their  jobs early , just so that they can spend time with the twins. And the BF leaves late for office, making sure he spends some time with them too. Overall, its only between 2pm to 5pm that the kids have only their big-dadi (and the maid) around.


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Unless you stay on the Planet Mars, you would be aware of another bollywood beauty (?) biting  the dust. Hmmm….

Which makes me think….What is it exactly that attracts a bolly actress to married men?

Also, what is it that attracts married men to bolly actresses ??

(Thats a stupid , stupid question, you say. I agree. But my query arises from the fact that the actresses are mostly as stupid as my question. Which again gets us back to what actually attracts the married men? Going round in riddles, aren’t we?)

Here’s a list of actresses who preferred married men :-

Shilpa Shetty – married to Raj Kundra – who was married to Kavita.

Shabana Azmi – married to Javed Jaffri – who was married to Honey Irani

Karishma Kapoor – married to Sanjay Kapur – who was married Nandita Mahtani

Sridevi – Married to Boney Kapoor – who was married to Mona

Hema Malini – married to Dharmendra – who was married to Prakash Kaur

Raveena Tandon – married to Anil Thadani – who was married to Natasha Sippy

Mahima Chaudary – married to Bobby Mukherjee – who was married to Aparna

And about the not-yet-married-but-most-probably-will-take-the-plunge lot ,

Kareena Kapoor – dating Saif Ali Khan – who was married to Amrita Singh

Rani Mukherjee – dating Aditya Chopra – who was married to Payal Khanna

Hmmm…there must be something about these already-married-once types!!  Which makes me think….aren’t there guys  out there who prefer already married women?? You know, like any actor who has taken the plunge with a once-married woman. Is there any such person in the hindi film fraternity?

And oh, why does a simple search for “married woman” lead to links of dating sites (the ones of the ill-repute kind)?!

Gender equality doesn’t really exist, does it?!!


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