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……on the busy Hadapsar road.

Wait, let me start from the beginning.

Residents of Bangalore might be aware of the Double Road Flyover. It carries the distinction of being the only(?) flyover which has a traffic signal at the top. Yup, it defeats the very purpose of the flyover.

So, the city planners of Pune thought they could better this score. They put their heads together and must have come up with the solution in this way….


Senior City Planner1(SCP1) :  The traffic on Hadapsar road is bad. Being the highway and all…we have to do something about it.

Young Engineer Recruit (YER) : Sir, I have a plan. Why dont we construct a flyover??

SCP1 :  Exactly what I was going to say before you interrupted me.

YER : Sorry Sir-ji.

SCP1 : Its ok. Mind that tongue next time. So, we need a flyover. Lets make a nice big 80 ft wide one.

YER : Good idea Sir-ji.

Senior City Planner2(SCP2) : Lets make it an 8 lane flyover. 4 on each side.

YER : Good idea Sirji. That should solve the traffic problems.

Senior City Planner3(SCP3): hmmm… I was thinking….we should have a footpath for pedestrians on both sides. and also cycle tracks.

YER : Err….umm actually sirji, shouldn’t the flyover be only for vehicles??

SCP3 : (rubbing his belly) Rubbish!! People in our country have become FAT. We need to give them some exercise. Walking will help them reduce. So will cycling.

YER : But sir, the stretch we are marking for flyover is very large. It will be too much of a distance. What if someone wants to walk over to a place midway near the flyover.

SCP2 : Hmmm…Hmmm..Oh well, let them just walk ALL the way till the end and then take a turn to go under the flyover.

YER: (absolutely bewildered at this plan)..Er….ummmm …ok .

SCP1 : Have you taken down these notes?? yes? Good. Also add that two of the lanes will be dedicated to BRTS*.

YER : BRTS?? But sir, our fleet of buses is very low to implement a BRTS.

SCP2 : (condescending ) YER!! Will you ever learn!! We may have only a few buses now…but we do plan to grow, right?

YER : (to himself)…..yeah…. grow like 1 bus added to the route in 1 year!!

SCP2 : Out with it boy, you said something?

YER : Not really sir ji. I was just marveling at the plan.

SCP1 : Yeah…we need to make something that is beyond comparison. Something that can never be replicated. A Masterpiece.

YER: Absolutely sir. Am sure this kind of flyover will NEVER EVER be made again!!!

SCP1 : (on a high now) OHH! I know how we can better it. Do one thing…add a couple of bus-stops on it.

YER : Bus-stops!! Really sir ji…?!!

SCP1 : Of course. What if someone wants to get off on the BRTS route??

YER: But sirji, who would want to get off midway on a busy flyover!!

SCP1 : You never know with people. They like getting off buses anywhere. You add those bus stops.

YER : But Sirji…where will these people go??? They’ll be stranded in the middle of the flyover!!!

SCP1 : Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that…wait….hmmmmm…hmmmmm

SCP3 : I have an idea…. Lets do one thing.  Lets make a hole at the top and make a stairwell that goes down to the road below.

SCP1 : Great idea 🙂

SCP2 :  Beat THAT, town-planners-of-other-cities!!!

(All SCPs nodding their heads in agreement and smiling at each other and their own intelligence)

YER : (rolling his eyes) Right!! A Hole. At the top of the flyover. Great!!

SCP : Learn all you can boy….you’ll never come across a plan like this again.

YER: Really sirji…I don’t think I’ll EVER come across a plan like this again. (to himself) and Thank GOD for it!!


…….and thats how the Hadapsar highway flyover came into existence.

So it has 4 lanes on each side.

1st lane : for pedestrians.

2nd lane : for cyclists

4th lane : BRTS

The 3rd lane??

Its for all the other measly vehicles including cars, 2-wheelers, jeeps, private buses, trucks, trailers,autos, tempos, etc.

There a 2 bus-stops near the top. And there is a hole with a stairwell to help people walk down to the road below.

 So, if you happen to be a pedestrian standing at one end of the flyover and want to reach some place on the right side, you have to walk the 1.5km stretch, reach the other end, brave the traffic to cross the road and then go under the flyover. The other option is to brave the traffic at the top of the flyover and scoot down the hole with the stairwell!!

And dont stop praying while you choose your path. 🙂

*BRTS : Bus Rapid Transport System. Under which, dedicated road tracks are made available for public transport, like buses. Other vehicles are not allowed on the BRTS track.

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I am a victim of…….

………….severe hair loss. Courtesy : The Twins!!

So, I’m losing hair rapidly and the ones still holding on are all frizzy and dry. The deadly-duo, undoubtedly, are the chief reason for this premature baldness.

Here’s how they scheme their attack  (in baby-lang. Translated for your reading pleasure):-


SS : Am so sick of her!! She NEVER gives me what I demand!!

RS : I guess you’re talking about the fat sack who’s forever cooing over us.

SS : you got it! She KNOWS I love nibbling on that Nokia cellphone, but she just wouldn’t give it to me. Rather, she takes pleasure in teasing me by going yakkity-yak on the phone with our old man.

RS :  (looking around with a bored expression) So, what do you do to get it from her?

SS : I scream. I wail. I cry. No use!! She just wouldn’t give in.

RS : Aaahh!! Thats where you lack the ingenuity little brother. You don’t know the right trick.

SS :  (eagerly) you mean to say, I can get her to dance to my tune?

RS: Of Course!! how do you think I’ve got my way till now!! Listen up buddy. You see those hair on her head? Well, she’s awfully paranoid about them. Specially the ones in the front.So the next time she doesn’t give you what you want, just hold on to a few and give a good yank. It’s sure to bring her down to her knees.

SS : Gosh!! I didn’t know that. you’re so clever Sis. Will carry out the technique asap.

(So SS comes toddling to his mamma…all smiles and grins and aims for the cellphone in her hand. Mamma, picks up her little baby and coos over him, all the while keeping the cell away from his reach. Little SS happily holds on to his mamma’s hair and gives a good yank. Mamma  yelps with pain and lets go of SS, nursing the scalp which  was missing a few good hair. Meanwhile, SS grabs the cellphone and ambles back to his sister.)

SS : (nibbling on the phone) You know sis, your trick worked like a charm. She was down on her knees in seconds.

RS : (Blowing invisible nail-polish on her nails) I know. Been there. Done that. And you know what works quicker??

SS : (eagerly) Nopes. Tell me!!

RS: Instead of a whole bunch, try and target just a couple of hair at a time. They come off sooner….and hurt more. (evil laughter )Muuaahhhaaaahhaaaa

SS :  (joining in) Muuaahhhaaaahhaaaa


Note : The above conversation is not entirely fictional.

RS has been pulling my hair since I can remember…..its only lately that SS has started doing the same.

Its not a coincidence……its a conspiracy.

And I’m the victim….sob 😦

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