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I need a Kaif-ee break, people!!!

All of you who’ve had enough (and I mean, seriously ENOUGH ) of Ms.Kaif, please raise your hands. In fact, raise both. I need as many protesters on my side as I can.

This pretty kewpie doll suffering complete paralysis of facial muscles , survies, naah, THRIVES on Indian soil just because she is the so called  ‘luck’ factor.

Apparently,  any movie that she stars in turns out to be a hit….or relatively so.

That is reason enough for greedy producers to demand her presence in their films. Money is the ONLY reason she has been able to invade the 77mm and take control (and also because of the benevolence of a certain Mr.Khan). Its almost haunting!!

Someone please get rid of her .ASAP.

Or atleast give us atleast 3 months where she isn’t starring as a lead OR as a cameo in any movie. Please!!

Just watched APKGK. Wish I hadn’t.

Watched Blue last week. Ditto.

Watched Singh is King before that. (What do you call 2-times-ditto??).

Watched Race, Welcome, Partner and ALL such movies that I really shouldn’t have.

And I have only one word to say for her.


And yet, YET, she gets the honours as described below, in imdb :-


Voted at the No. 1 spot in FHM India’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll.

Won Best Female Style Icon at the IIFA Awards.

Won Sabsay Favourite Heroine Award (2008).

Won the British-Indian Actor award for the Zee Cine Awards (2008).

Won the Stardust Breakthrough Performance Award (Female) for Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005) (2006). *

Is the most photographed woman in India.

Is the most searched Bollywood celebrity as per Google’s 2008 data.


All this just for being a pretty face!!

She sure is one ‘Lucky’ girl.

And I’m full of sarcasm!!

(* This one really cracked me up!! Breakthrough?!! Performance??? Were the judges on a cocaine high when they decided that SHE was the one?!! But then, its “Stardust” we are talking about. They can be forgiven. They HAVE to do something to get noticed. They gotta earn their bread-n-butter :). Remember these headlines??)

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We had the usual status meeting this morning at work.

Ho hum. Yawn…..

Thats what meetings are generally like…..and usually the ones in the morning.

Me was busy trying to keep my mind active so that I didn’t look like the I was doing the vampire-at-daytime impersonation .

I was lazily looking around at all the people in room when suddenly, I went ‘Whoa!! Whats that?? How come I didn’t notice it before?!!’

I had suddenly come to notice the lack of matched buttons on men’s formal shirts.

Can you beat that?!


On men’s shirt!

Mismatched , that too!!

I mean, you see a shirt of one colour and suddenly you notice that the buttons are waaaay too different for it. I mean, a violet shirt with PINK buttons…..a white striped shirt with RED buttons…..a navy blue shirt with violet buttons…..you get the drift?

While coming back from the meeting, I was apalled at the number of shirts whose buttons didn’t match!! Practically ALL shirts were made that way!

Was there a fashion circular that I missed?!

Or was today just another weird day-of-coincidence!!

Or was it just an observation of a not-so- completely-awake mind??

And you know whats worse?? A hundred times so??

I BLOG about it!!


And I know, I just KNOW that you will start looking down at the buttons on your shirts or at other guys just to check if they match their shirt too 🙂

Thats the fun of it.

I hope 🙂

On that note,



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