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……when you would rather relegate some snaps to memory.

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve found this urge to get click-happy on my camera. So every time the kids did something cute, I would rush to hunt for the camera, insert battery and rush back to take a shot. And I would be disappointed, because the moment was lost and the kids had stopped doing whatever they were doing.

In my rush to capture that scene, I missed out on what my babies were actually doing. I mean, if I had stayed back, and not worried about clicking that snap, I would have been a part of that scene….relishing the joy that my kids get in showing off their newly developed skills. Instead, I turn my back and leave them alone and expect them to continue with the showing off till I return!!! How much more stupid could I possibly get?

So for the last few days, the babies lived up to their tricks…and I didn’t click them. And I’m glad. Because these memory snaps were much better. High quality and always available within micro seconds 🙂

I’m glad I took this break …..how else could I enjoy watching my daughter dancing with her shadow?!! Her sheer pleasure at finding out that the shadow moves as she does…and dancing all the more harder, just to see how her shadow dances along!!

How else would I notice the times the BF came back tired from office at 10:30 pm , and yet, takes a sick baby in his arms and walk the length of the house to put him/her to sleep without bothering to change or even have a glass of water?

How else would I know the number of times SS runs around the place and then gets back to you , bringing his face close to you and demanding a kiss on his nose?

How would I capture the feel of two warm babies snuggled up close to me at night…drawing the warmth and strength from each other on a cold winter night?

How can I leave my daughter when she’s showing off how she is now able to put the cap back on her milk bottle?

Though I had started this blog exclusively to take down these very instances, I now realize that more than writing about it, it is more important to be a part of it. Be there . Enjoy those moments with them. See them doing crazy things…laugh with them. Play peek-a-boo and see them run around in excitement, their faces aglow with apprehension and delight. Give them rides on their tricycles even though their legs are too short to reach the pedals. Just let them run all over the place and pretend to catch them…..their laugther is worth much more than the price of that moment.

I’ve been absorbing all this for the last few days….and I’ve realized that each moment spent with the babies is a bonus in itself.  And I’m making sure that I spend ‘quality’ time (how I hate that phrase, but just cant think of anything alternate to replace the sentiment) with them. In the end, all I wanted to say is that there will be fewer snaps here henceforth…but yeah, there will be looooong descriptive mails like this one in plenty 😀

Please dont stop reading though 🙂

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