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So the modest *ahem* momofrs is writing her 100th post here!!!

I know , I know, you are all full of goodwill and great wishes for me …… and I thank you all for the badhaiaan in advance 🙂

Its been only 2 months since I took blogging seriously….and when I checked my dashboard this morning, I was like, OmiGod, OmiGod, 100th post?!! Did I really write soo much?? Did I really have so much to write about??

Time has flown…blogging has made me take my babies more seriously…I’ve connected with many more people ….and on many levels, I have re-connected or re-strengthened the bond with the BF.

All in all, a win-win situation, I say 🙂

And it all wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for you all reading me. I know many people say that you gotta write for yourself and not worry about whether people care for you two-hoots (or not!).

Alas, am selfish like that. I need encouragement. I need people to talk to me…let me know whether they agree or disagree with my point of view…correct me when I go wrong…and generally chip in with their views.

Which is what I want to include in my next post.

So here’s a humble request to all you readers out there…

Send in your entries. Your guest posts. Anything you want to express your views on. Even if it’s a one-liner saying ,”I Love Gulab Jamus, they make me drooool”. Seriously. I just want to get your thoughts in here. Your opinions on any damn topic you want.

Your anonymity is guaranteed, unless you don’t mind your name getting published (which would be better 🙂 ).

It’s not rocket science folks…I know many of you who read me are such good orators/writers yourself… and I want your inputs to make this blog all the more richer in content. Go on, humour me. Just this once.

So here’s requesting Aapa, Charu, Sheetal, Maria, Prabha Tai, Srihari, Brosky, Rekha , KA, Sallu and all you others who read me (I KNOW you do, even though you never get back with your comments !!).

Please send in your entries either as a comment on this post or simply mail me at noorulaynDOTsyATgmailDOTcom

Note : There will be no more posts on this blog unless I get a sufficient number of entries (atleast One!!)

*folding hands and praying fervently for some reply*

Edited to add :-  There appears to be some confusion here. The entries are open to everyone and not just the people I mentioned above (Those are the people who I KNOW visit this blog frequently). There are many of you who visit , but never let me know. So this is the chance for you all to de-lurk and make your presence known (atleast to me!!)

C’mon people….don’t make me beg 😀

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