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An eventful weekend

Since I was waiting for the 101th post entries, I didn’t get a chance to take down the major events that occured last weekend (5th and 6th of Dec). There was so much happening so soon….so many new things in my life!! I just have to take them down here before my memory fails me 🙂 .

Updates on RS

 * RS has mastered the art of bossing her brother. She excels at it. One look from her and SS quivers right down to his bones.

* She has turned into quite a dancer. So the FIL drums a beat on the table and this madam starts dancing like she is at a ‘Ganpati Mandal’ during Ganeshotsav. It is a mix of Maharashtrian street dance with a dash of the Punjabi “Balle Balle”. You figure out how it looks 🙂 . Surprisingly, she dances for everyone at home, but no amount of coaxing or cajoling will make her dance in front of strangers (people new to her). Good going, I say 🙂

* She can now mimic any action that you do. So say ‘cheese’ and she displays all her teeth , trying to say cheese herself!! Make a big ‘O’ with your mouth and see her doing the same!!

* RS had her first visit to the barber’s shop!! Her hair was growing really wayward and we thought it was a good idea to give her hair some shape. So the FIL gladly took her out on Sunday for a haircut. I was all prepared for the FIL to come back and lament how much of a fuss she must have created (being surrounded by strangers). But he came back grinning, saying that she was as still as a statue, absorbing all the new things around her. The mirror, the high chair, the lights…am sure these sights were far too interesting than the drab home she sees everyday!!

So RS now looks like a little Tibetan Monk. The only thing missing on her is a maroon coloured one-shoulder drape outfit. Then she would easily be mistaken as the nth incarnation of the Dalai Lama 😀

Updates on SS

* He has now learnt to add the rings to the plastic ‘lagori’ stand.

* He can join two Lego bricks together !!

* He called me “Mamma”. Clearly, distictly and in the presence of the BF. So there was no mistaking that!! Actually, I was playing  with RS in the MIL’s room. The BF joined us shortly. Noticing that SS had wet his nappy, I got up to get him a dry one. And SS immediately jumped up and followed me , calling out , “mamma, mamma”. I really dont have words to express what went through me right then!! Was it like a bolt of electricity charging through each vein? Or was it just the plain rush of old-fashioned motherly love?!! Dropping the nappy, I simply launched myself at the poor kid and smothered him in kisses. He has become quite cautious since…careful not to use the “M” word loosely again 😦

* SS had his share of the barber’s visit. He had this weird hair growth where the crown of his head had hair upto 3-4 inches long, whereas the sides had these downy hair barely a centimetre long!!  The barber decided that a haircut wouldn’t do. SS deserved a complete shave of his head.

So my baby now looks like a character from the Chankya series. The only things missing on him, are a dhoti and the sacred thread across his chest!!

Updates on BF

* No major updates, except the fact that I could convince him to work from home on Saturday instead of going all the way to office (he has a release today).

* I couldn’t keep him away from going to office on sunday night. He stayed there the whole night and came back this morning….surprisingly refreshed!!! Apparently, the morning breeze took away his exhaustion. good for him…since he plans to go back to office in the afternoon!!

Personal updates

* I made Biryani on Saturday. Nothing new…a regular weekend meal with family. But guess what??!! It was praised by none other than…hold your breath…the GMIL!! Yup, you heard that right!! She LOVED the biryani. The one made by ME!! Gasp!! I just couldn’t believe it when she said ,”its tasty”. That compliment is H-U-G-E. In other words, I have attained ‘Nirvana’. Mera jivan safal ho gaya!!

* Took time to visit a parlour on Saturday for doing stuff that women do in parlours. I thought it would be relatively free in the afternoon, but it wasn’t. It was packed. Anyhow, so there was this hum of conversation going on with customers and attendants chatting about this and that…..when there came a lull in the conversation…you know, the time when suddenly everyone seems to have stopped talking.

And at that precise moment, my attended chose to ask me this question, “Are you pregnant or has your tummy come out just like that ?”. It was sincere question meant just for me…but in that silence, every ear heard it. Heads turned to look at me, look at my tummy and look back at me, waiting for my answer. Thats when I wished that the proverbial earth split and swallow me!!

“hehe, I had twins, you see”, said I feebly, shrugging my shoulders. Apparently, the others were not convinced. None of them cracked a smiled. Maybe their fackpacks had a role to play there.

Anyhow, I cursed and ranted in my head and tried to ignore the whole scenario while mentally thrashing the attendant for putting me in this miserably embarrasing situation!!! Quickly wrapped up the session, hurried home and described the whole thing to the BF.

“Hmmmm”, said he. And there, the whole matter died a silent death.  Thank God(??)!!

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Tooth Update

The current count of teeth stands as follows :-

RS :

Upper = 4+1/2+1/2

Lower = 2

Total =6+1/2+1/2

SS :

Upper = 4

Lower = 3+1/2

Total = 7+1/2

So, SS seems to be leading in this round. Good for him 🙂

He is now into seriously testing his teeth strength. So if you find him happily clambering up your arms and bringing his face close for a kiss, beware. He is simply reaching out for a bite of your cheek. A big chunk of it. The BF nearly yelped with pain when he was subjected to the same treatment a couple of days back.

RS is testing how her teeth can be used for chewing. Yup, she has started nibbling and moving her jaws, mimicking a cow masticating.

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Here we go!!

Finally, finally, I get to write the 101st post. You have no idea how excruciatingly painful it was for me to stay away from blogging all these days. Here  I was, words bursting from my every pore, but since I’d promised that the 101th post would be on entries by my readers, I controlled myself. Not anymore.


Am not so popular yet, I guess.

This is my moment of truth.

Well, I knew that I didn’t have many readers, so I didn’t leave it to them to read my 100th post and then send in their entries. I took the only other way plausible.

I begged. I mailed, I chatted. I called. I whined for those few words. With a LOT of reassuring clucks from well meaning friends (ALL promising to send in their entries by 6th evening), I gave up on blogging since last week. I restrained myself from logging in to wordpress every few minutes to check if those posts have come.

Fate had other plans….and I was so mightily disappointed 😦

Currently I have ONLY 2 entries, that too, sent by two very good friends who were prompt in sending those entries last week itself!!

So, without much ado, here are the entries. The first one is by one of my best friends from work, Sheetal (Of all the topics I gave her choices on, she chose to write about my blog!!! Sheetal, Sheetal, you are too kind 🙂 )

The other entry is by the lovely Maria from Goa. What she has written is so close to every girl’s heart…am sure, many will relate to it.

Here goes.

By Sheetal Chordia :-

“So Noor asked us to write her a small contribution for being an ardent reader 😛 Well I guess iIam honored. Being up on such a featured blog…. whoaaa.. yeyeyey 🙂 Noor said  thanks at-least thrice when she put this request to me on Chat, but I guess I should say  thanks!

Well Noor also asked me to write something close to my heart or something I strongly feel about… but I would rather dedicate this post to her blog! (Don’t worry wont eat up all the space)

This blog for me is like the morning newspaper. the first thing I come and do in the morning is read my mails and then read this blog. The smallest of posts starts my thinking and then it proceeds 🙂

I truly feel its the best gift you could give to your kids when they grow up and read. I really hope to keep it alive for a long time for them to know their “bacchpan” in the true way!

Some of the articles are touching enough to have a lump down my throat.

So Mrs. Noor-ul-ayn S. Kudos!!! keep this up and make my mornings happy too … along with the memories of your kids 🙂

BTW.. I do promise that I will visit your kids before their next bday! (haven’t seen them yet 😦 )

-Sheetal (you can put my name in their.. not because its a good post, but because you would want to 🙂 )


By Maria :-

So when is you turn? 🙂 🙂


Does this ring a bell??

 Yes it does!!…No one is spared. I m sure at some point or the other every young lady would have to face the ordeal of answering this question….be it for marriage…..or to have a baby…..and then the second one? Uhffff!!!!

 This is the most frequently asked question…be at weddings or parties or for that matter even on the streets when you bump into an old friend or colleague – and the funniest part is that it is generally asked by older people of the same gender.

Btw this excludes me …I would have never asked this question….never coz I know how it made me feel….Yes it made me feel awful at some point and used to wonder when would this turmoil end?

 But not any longer….not that I have found someone yet…but simply because I have learnt that no one can make me happy. It is only “I” who can make myself happy. JJ

 I have learnt to accept things as they are…I trust that everything has a time. I am glad that I cud get a taste of this phase – it just makes me feel wiser and confident while taking decisions. I must admit that I am blessed with wonderful parents who respect my thoughts.

 Is it a crime to be single at 26 or for that matter even at 30? We say we are in the 21st century but this question often makes me doubt it?

 Why are people stuck to their traditional ideas? At least in India…people think it to be an offense if a gal above the age of 25 is still unmarried.

 Is selecting a partner or falling in love an easy task? It’s definitely not the case with me.

 You may receive proposals by a dozen – does that mean you are sure to like one of them? He may be the best guy to the world – but why the hell would you say “Yes” to him if you didn’t find the “SPARK” in the relation.

 Why can’t people understand this? And then they taunt you saying that you have been choosy or you will remain a spinster or you will marry a “budda” 😀

Whatever be the case…I will learn to live with it 🙂 🙂

 So this goes to all those inquisitive and rude ladies – make sure you don’t ask this question ever in ur life.

Coz you never know – what goes round comes round 🙂 🙂 🙂 ( someday you may be questioned by a lassie at a funeral 🙂 )


Just arrived :- A hilarious take on marriage counselling for newly wed grooms. From none other than my own dear DAD!!


By Dad :-

Dear XXXX,

This is to congratulate you for entering into matrimony and opening a new chapter in your life. Welcome Aboard, XXXX ! Welcome to the Society of Husbands !
From this day on, you’ll be a changed human being. You have a stranger ( hereinafter called your “Better Half / Wife ” ) to share whatever you so far thought was yours ! Here is a person who is going to take control of your life in its entirety ( whatever that means ! ), treat you like you are from Planet Mars, hover over you all the 28 hrs of the day, breath down your neck, watch you like an eagle, keep you under an ever-watchful microscopic scrutiny, etc., etc., etc,. In short, she is going to tell you, what to do, when and how ! Don’t despair yet. As an elder veteran who has weathered many such storms for more than three solid decades, I feel that I can offer you a few tips to manage things ! And these tips are for free !
Well, to start with, the strategy involves in studying this person in detail. Unless you know your enemy, how do you work out a plan to defeat him / her ? So, study her in all thoroughness. Her physical, mental and spiritual attributes must be gone into as if your life depends on it. Yes, it does ! You are wedded to her for life, remember ?
Once you have done this study, work on a plan to win over her ! There is an old saying, ” If you can’t win over them, join them “. Well, in your context, both means the same, right ? Anyway, don’t confuse yourself with this strategy for the time being. Another saying also goes,   ” A smart husband is one who makes his wife believe that he is good “. But, how do you do that ?
Take the following Steps :-
1. Don’t act too intelligent in front of your wife. She knows it all. She can teach you anything under the Sun. Sell off or auction off all your dictionaries, encyclopedia, thesaurus etc.,. No longer needed ! When in doubt, refer it to the wife.
2. Don’t argue on anything. No point. When you know that you are going to end up a loser, why waste time ? And energy ?
3. Believe in good old Destiny. If it could bring you this far in life, it is bound to take you further, however torturous the journey might be.
4. The concept of Care and Share is still a mystery to me ! So will it be to you too, for a very long time to come. But, simply put, I feel it means, taking care of the life-partner in all facets of life. Sharing all that you have. I didn’t have anything with me to call my own in the initial stages of my marriage and so I was lucky ! Having shared everything I subsequently had, I don’t have anything now either ! 
5. Be compatible ! I never understood this dictum so far. Possibly this means that, one should be intellectually, emotionally and physically compatible to your partner. To this end, the above study ( which you painstakingly did ) will be of great help.
6.Be accommodating and adjustable. This reminds me of the Adjustable Spanner ! I guess, this means, just to be “accommodating and adjustable” ! As simple as that ! This should test your patience a lot. And, I have this sneaking suspicion that, The God Almighty, in all his wisdom, has devised it as a penalty to Adam for complaining that Eden was too lonely for him without a partner ! 
7. Sacrifice ! Yes, SACRIFICE ! I did that to all I had – my freedom, my will, my soul, my temper, my likes and dislikes, my choices, my everything, when I got married ! And, I continue to live like a vegetable to this day ! Matrimony, my boy ! Marital Bliss, right ? So, be prepared. But, strangely,I am yet to rue the day I lost all my freedom ! You shouldn’t either ! Decades later, when you look back the road you traversed, you should feel proud ! Like me !
8. Love. Yes, the good old, possibly the oldest word in the human history, LOVE. I am yet to find a suitable replacement to this four-lettered word. I guess that it is because of its intrinsic value and its strength. And its time-tested endurance and durability. Do you know that, despite my very strong efforts, I could not give the kind of love my wife enjoys, to any other woman in this world ?  This is an inexplicable emotion you reserve for only your life-partner. Of course, there are other forms of love such as for parents, siblings, friends etc,,but, the love you have for your wife is entirely of a much higher plane and unadulterated. Cannot be mixed with any other forms of love. Have I confused you enough ? Well, that’s what it is ! Love is a bundle of confused emotions which has no parallels !
9. Try the Balancing Act. We all are normal people with our own backgrounds, cultures, languages, habits, ways of living, conducting, behaving,etc…When people of such diversities come together, differences of opinions, tastes, likes and dislikes etc.. are bound to crop up.There could be misunderstandings between Hubby and Wify, Wify and MIL,hubby and FIL, father and FIL,MIL and MIL, etc, etc, The permutations can be many ! But, just play it cool. There are no known and immediate remedies to such things ! Either you launch yourself headlong into the melee or give the crisis enough time to sort itself out. In the first case, you are likely to muddy yourself and likely to come out filthy ! And in the second case, you are likely to retain your sanity for a longer time ! The worst thing you can do is to take sides ! If you do,you’ll land up in such a mess, even your wife may not be able to extricate you from the muddle ! The choice is purely, YOURS !
10. Ha ! The Finances ! Here comes the nastiest aspect of Happy Living ! You are lucky to have a finance manager with you for life ! I honestly don’t know as to how I survived these many decades, having to explain the nuances of Receipts and Expenditures, to Wify day in and day out ! Well, my income was pittance those days compared to what you guys get now. But, the life was much more comfortable and cozy ! We survived to raise a large family, lived a highly dignified life, enjoyed everything the life had to offer, and, most importantly, gave as much as we could to the poor and needy. A very satisfying life indeed.
So, that’s it, XXXX. I can go on and on with more of ” The Ten Commandments of Life ” but, by now, you must be exhausted ! I don’t know as to how much knowledge I have been able to impart with this email, but, I’m sure that I have given it an honest try. Lest, a new-comer into our fold of HUSBANDS does not suffer due to inadequate education ! I sincerely hope that, I’ve attempted to help you out in this process. 
Now, I wish you the very best in life, XXXX. I’m sure that, with your intelligence, you should be able to decipher the above guidelines and follow them ! I’ve only shared with you what I’ve learnt from life ( with most of it being mysteries even now ! ).  I’ve written this with an ardent hope that this will be of some help to you. Welcome Aboard again, Son. May God Bless You and YYYY with all the Joys of Life. Forever.
Good Luck And Godspeed.


 A very close and VERY dear friend from the past has sent in her lines. Srividya, girl, I can NEVER forget your name 😀

By Srividya :-

27 characters….. Family Name ,Father’s name ,My name


srividya.sodankurramakanthan@[company-i-work-for].com ..

I usually don’t dictate my company id to anyone because either they will end up saying “What a looooooooooooooooong id!!!” or “Oh my god !!!” or they end up doing a spelling mistake !!!!

I always had this confusion with Surname, First Name ,Last Name ,Maiden names .etc..etc..etc . I guess even my teachers had that confusion ..I remember the days of B.Sc . Every year for 3 consecutive years..

The lecturer would come to the class..

We all wud stand and go “Goodmorning Sir/Madam “. He or She wud wish us back and we would sit down ..Then they would take out the attendance register and start calling out names one by one..

“So…” [Lecutrer finding it difficult to read the name ]
“Soda…”.[Lecturer finding some familiarity with the name…]
“Sodankur…”[Finally managed to read my SURNAME !!!!]

and then i wud raise my hand and say “Srividya Sir !!” /”Srividya Madam” [With all heads turned towards me! ]

This same process would continue for 1 week with different lecturers …and by this time everyone knows the moment the lecturer stumbles on a name while calling the attendance its my name ) !!

After completing the 3 years of my B.Sc degree just before exams we had this session with college principal where in all the final year students were there and we were being handed over a certificate as a remembrance that we studied in this particular College.. All of us were having fun ..clapping our hands ..shouting as each of our names were called ..and then i suddenly hear the person with the mike fumble … and he goes…

“Soda …” ..”Sodankur”.. [Not again … This is not even the first few days of 1st year/2nd year/3rd year ,oh ! I C its the first time you are reading my name ..Hmmm ..then okay !! Chalega !!! ]

All my classmates turn around to me and give me a as-usual-smile and some of them even shout my full name !!
The certificate reads
“Dear Sodankur …… We are happy that you were part of St.Aloysius College……”

I collect my certificate with a thanks-for-making-my-family-name-so-famous-smile and it read

My friends still remember my full name ) !!!


 Srihari has just sent in his entry, a 55-er . A short n sweet take on humanity.

By Srihari :-

Say thanks

you buy fruits from the vendor
but you never said thanks
The driver drops you everyday
but you never said thanks
The maid cleans your house everyday
but you never said thanks

you are angry if they do not turn up
you take them for granted

say thanks and enjoy the smile on their face


The wise , wise Prabhai Tai from Vancouver has sent in her entry. Am also posting here one of the snaps she had sent me. Oh Tai, what I wouldn’t do to switch places with you right now!! I do so LOVE  snow!! But I gotta console myself with the ice-cubes in the freezer. What misery 😦

By Prabha Tai :-


In honour of first snow of the year. Hope you like it.

Wrote this when I first encountered snow in Vancouver 2007.

A crisp winter morning....

“The merry dance of snowflakes as they float on the wind to gently touch down.
Utter whiteness of the mists and clouds as they merge into stillness

Kids frolicing with snowballs
Trees gravely approving in their white haired wisdom

Rare birds and homeless shivering in cold whiteness
Darkly dressed officegoers crowding in warm buses

Crunch of fresh white snow under feet in morning
Slipperiness of black snow as day grows old”


Edited to add :-

The Post is still open for entries. So if you haven’t submitted your entries already, then please forward them to my mail id : noorulaynDOTsyATgmailDOTcom

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