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Busy …busy…busy

Thats what I’ll be for the rest of this week and the next.

Blogging will be slow folks…and apologies for that!

In the meanwhile, hop over to the post on the 101th post entries (if you haven’t already 😀 )

People have started sending their write-ups, albeit slowly. And if you haven’t, then I implore you to send one ASAP.

You can either mail me or just send it as a comment on that post. All entries are most welcome.

A slight clarification, this is NOT a writing competition, so there are NO prizes for the top 3 entries 🙂 (For people who wouldn’t pick up a pen unless prize money was involved…HeHe…Buzz off!! And I mean it !!) .

This is a chance for all the closet writers to come out and express their views.

Actually, its a ruse to keep my blog alive till I complete the release at work 😀

There, I’m being honest, aren’t I??

Now send me that post…pronto!

By the way, have a great week too 🙂

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