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This girl is hell bent on shocking me each day!!The speed with which she is picking up skills is amazing.

One such incident happened yesterday.

We had a guest at our place in the morning. MIL had served him tea and had kept a cup for the BIL on the coffee table. BIL forgot about it and went for his bath. MIL didn’t notice that the cup was still there on the table (we generally dont keep things lying within the twin’s range. For obvious reasons ) and went to talk to the guest.

So our merry miss toddles into the hall, finds the cup of tea lying there, picks it up gingerly by the handle and walks up to the MIL to hand it over to her.

To say that MIL was left speechless, would be undermining the enormity of the whole situation.

Because, you see, she’s just 1-year-old.

She has NEVER held a glass cup before.

And definitely not one containing HOT tea.

(She did spill a little on her way to the MIL, but thats normal.)

When did she learn to hold a cup in the proper way?? When??

The only possible way could be by observing how we people drink our tea.

Fast forward to yesterday evening, dinner time. The twin’s dinner time, that is.

SS, the boy-who-makes-no-fuss-at-dinner-time had his din-din and ambled off to play with his toys.

As usual, RS put up a big resistance and howled pitifully. We had to force her to eat…and as usual, she threw up the whole thing , making us feel like the guilty party here….definitely, kids should NEVER be fed when they aren’t in the mood. But then, when exactly are they in the mood??? Anyhow, I digress.

So, when we sat down for dinner, RS was suddenly very hungry and wanted to eat with us. So the GMIL served her a small helping of khichdi on a small plate.

And what do you know?!?

The lil’ miss started having food with her own hands!!

Halfway through, she gave up on it and started playing with the water glasses. A sharp reprimand from the GMIL and this girl started quickly gobbling down the leftover on her plate.

Gosh!! How fast is she growing up?? Where has my little baby gone??

I do take immense pleasure when such incidents occur….but …somehow, a part of me also cries for the loss of that infanthood 😦 .  Sometimes I wish they go back to becoming the tiny infants they were……. ..

Silly me!!

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Someone came across this blog  searching for “old fashioned mothering”  😐 .

WTH does this even mean?? Since when did “mothering” become a term for “fashion”. Either you mother your kid or you dont!

Anyhow, I wondered…..what does that say about me??

I’m old. Yeah , right!

I’m old fashioned. Umm..yeah .You can say that again.

My mothering is not in keeping with the times  😦 .  Huh!!

So, what exactly is the “latest mothering” trend???

Enlighten me, someone!!

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