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Thats it!! I’ve got the OCD

Excerpts from Wikipedia :-

Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce anxiety, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing anxiety, or by combinations of such thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions). The symptoms of this anxiety disorder range from repetitive hand-washing and extensive hoarding………………………………………These symptoms can be alienating and time-consuming, and often cause severe emotional and economic loss………………………..OCD sufferers often recognize their thoughts and subsequent actions as irrational, and they may become further distressed by this realization.



Thats my OCD.

That inherent, desperate need to have wrinkle free clothes. The complete revulsion towards creases, however vital to the outfit.

The whole family sends their clothes to the laundry for ironing. Not me.

I personally take out time to iron my clothes each day. Can’t bear the thought of wearing wrinkled clothes.Atleast when I’m stepping outside the house.

The BF suggested many times that to save time, I should also send my clothes to the laundry. Initially I agreed and sent some. But when I needed to wear those clothes, I couldn’t help but re-iron them to get rid of the folded creases 😦

You might ask why I’m ranting about it now??

Well, I just realized this morning (while ironing) that I’ve been spending a collosal amount of time in this mundane activity….and all because of a few wrinkles!! Cotton suits take an impossibly long time to iron and I actually spend that time on it (sometimes upto 40 minutes !!)….missing the office bus, getting late for office….not even bothering to have breakfast!!

Ironing has taken a strong hold on me and I cant escape it. Seriously.

I lament that I dont get time to spend with the kids in the morning. I’m not able to help MIL with the morning duties in the kitchen. I barely get the time to make the twin’s bed.

Yet. Yet, I make time for this activity!! I’m giving it more importance than my kids!!! How much more awful could it get?!!

But somehow, I just cant convince myself to ignore those few wrinkles. They scare me. I shudder at the thought of anyone noticing me wearing an outfit with creases on it 😦 . The days there is no electricity in the morning, I wait for it to return, iron my clothes and then leave for office!! I’m ready to face the boss’s wrath…but not ready to face the world with wrinkled clothing.

I need help , therapy, whatever 😦

Anyhow, this is my OCD !!!


Whats your’s??

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