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Another weekend rant

Its Sunday.

A reasonably hot day , considering its winter time.

And I’m in office.


Coz I couldn’t come to office yesterday.

Why did  I have to come yesterday??

Coz there was some issue with one of the databases and the app. wasn’t working and I had to complete the testing for this release. Thats why.

And yeah, for why I couldn’t come on Saturday, it’s because the baby’s nanny notched up her uselessness-factor by a HUGE margin. She bunked. For no apparent reason. She hasn’t come home today too, because she has to attend a wedding……apparently for the WHOLE day!! Or maybe she intends stuffing herself to make her immovable for the rest of the day.

(I’m being mean, I know! But I’ve had it with her. Am seriously ticked off with her and the fact that I’m not able to find anyone to replace her. Just being dependent on her is driving me nuts!!)

Plus, the GMIL was away for the weekend.

Plus, the MIL was away at work.

Plus, the BF was out of town with his colleagues.

On the positive side, I had the whole day with the kids. It was fun …Loads of fun.

What wasn’t fun though, was the fact that I had committed to the clients that I’d be reporting to work on Saturday, and I didn’t.

What wasn’t fun was the fact that the regular maid also decided to skip coming for work.

So not only did I have two boisterous kids to handle, I had to do the cooking, cleaning, washing (utensils and clothes ) and all the other extra tasks that one generally leaves for weekends.

Today was no better. Luckily, MIL is home today.  So is the BF. Which actually is not much…..because he invariably ends up working from home. So I can’t rely on him to take over any responsibility of the kids 😦

(BTW, just had another rant session with him before coming to office. Its a different matter that he made a puppy dog face and uttered some mush to make me dissolve into tears of laughter 🙂 . Nevertheless, am still ticked off with him.)

Aaaahhhh…I feel better after letting off some steam.

Time to get back to work now.

Hope you all out there had a better weekend 🙂

Cheerio 🙂


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