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So, by now you know that I was in office on Sunday.

As if that wasn’t enough to tick me off, I got caught on the way back….for breaking the signal.

I kid you not.



Caught for traffic violation!!!

Oh!  the irony of it all!!

Me, who counts the seconds it takes to make the signal turn green.

Me, who drives on the left, always.

Me, who rarely ever crosses the 30-35km/ph speed limit.

Me, who gets cussed at, by over-taking autos, cyclists and  *gulp*  even vegetable vendors!!

Dont know whether I should be proud or disgusted at being caught.

Anyway, the situation was like this :-

Traffic signal is green….me speeds up slightly and reaches the zebra crossing mark, signal turns yellow…me sure to make it before it turns red, when a ‘mama’ steps in front and asks me to move to one side. And after I moved my bike to the side, the signal turns red!!!

Apparently, the signal on the opposite side had already turned green when the one I was crossing was still yellow.

Anyhow, the Mama was in no mood to listen to arguments.

Me was getting into a royal rage by this time.

I started blasting him and every other uniformed person in sight, that included two school kids who had stopped to see the ranting lady on her scooty.

Cop : See, madam, you were caught because you broke the signal.

Me : Rubbish. your signal is faulty …blah blah blah…..

Cop : No arguments please. Hand over your license. And PUC.

Me :  (flinging the lic. and PUC at him) There. it’s all in order. check it.

Cop : Please pay 100/- fine.

Me : For b***** what??!! Forget it, don’t bother to answer. Here’s the note. Now kindly hand over the lic and PUC back.

Cop : Sorry miss. I don’t handle money. You have to deposit it in the S******N**** police chowky.

Me : ( Screaming inwardly now) WTH!! I just came that way!! By the way, am getting late and am no way gonna go back. Take this 100/- or leave it!!

Cop : (absolutely bored of this conversation by now) You can pay up tomorrow. is that fine with you?

Me : (reluctantly)…i guess so….

Cop : Good. Your Lic will be with me till then.

Me : #$%$%^ $%&&$!!$

Cop : (Raised eyebrows) hmmm…..

Me : Ok, look here mister. I have two babies at home. Thats the reason I was rushing , ok ( Ughh !! I hate to take the blame when I’m NOT at fault). So please let me go.

Cop : Hmmm…. (raising an admonishing finger) Dont ever break any rules again!!

Me : WTH, you think I go around breaking rules for a lark?? what kind of loser do you think I am??

Cop : Enough!! Do you hear me or not?? You plan to do this again??


Cop : (handing over the Lic and PUC) You may go.

Me : What about the fine??

Cop : Keep it.

Thats it!! Forgiven by the Big burly TraffCop.

I still wonder what made him give up on me!!

Was it the mention of two innocent babies alone at home, waiting patiently for the mamma to come back….

Or was it because the above conversation took place in my limited knowledge of the local language ..and the cop couldn’t bear to see his beloved ‘marathi’ being murdered ruthlessly.

Anyhow, the TraffCop was kind, and I saved the 100/- (which , btw, I ALWAYS keep with the Lic…just for situations like these 😀 )

All’s well that end well…..what say?!

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…why don’t we use traffic lights??

Apparently , thats what must have gone through this family’s mind while planning a wedding right in the centre of Kashmiri gate crossing in Delhi.

Only in India...

Do check out the ibnlive website for more photos of this ‘event’.

Wonder how much the cops must have pocketed for turning a blind eye to this !!! Hmmmm…..

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No , no, this post isn’t about me. Though I accept that I am at fault (at times). But if I were to do something really bad, would I confess it on a public space like this blog? Of course NOT !! ( you know thats not true….i’d be gleefully posting it here 🙂  ).


The MIL and me got talking yesterday about looking for a bride for the BIL when she mentioned that there was another distant family looking for a good marriage bureau for their daughter’s wedding. So I asked her if the parents were going to disclose the fact that the girl was previously married and now divorced. MIL said that yeah, it has to be mentioned…and they’re going to say that the girl’s MIL was harassing her and hence the reason for divorce.

I gave MIL a shocked look. She smiled ruefully and said, “but isn’t that what MILs are for?? ”

Here’s the flashback on this girl. She was married to a guy from a decent family. On the third day after the marriage, she eloped with her boyfriend, taking all her jewellery with her.

Shocking?? Yes.

It was unheard of. The parents had no clue whatsoever that their daughter fancied someone else.

A month later, the girl was found. Her boyfriend had dumped her. Luckily, she still had her jewellery with her.

And the in-laws?? Well, they were ready to take her back, if only everyone hushed up about the whole matter. The loss of pride was as much their’s as the girl’s family.

So, what does it say about the girl’s  MIL??

Agreed that the girl refused to go back on moral grounds….saying she didn’t have the guts to face those people.

Who would??

But then, is there any need to malign her ex-in-laws now?

In a society which LOVES to paint the MIL as the devil incarnate, its so easy to ruin the name and reputation of a perfectly decent lady, just because she had the misfortune of being tagged the MIL of this girl….albeit briefly.

Many such young women state differences with their MILs, some of them genuine, but I refuse to believe that all MILs come from the same mold. How many of us actually make an attempt to get closer to them? To understand them? Try and find out why they like doing particular things in that manner alone?

Do we attempt to ask? To learn? To question ? To bond?

I know so many young girls who build up a wall of defense around themselves…keeping themselves distant from their MILs, and then taking pleasure in calling them names.

I have two MILs at home…though the GMIL is way too strict with us and we have umpteen number of differences, we do share a mutual respect for each other. When in a good mood, we share a good bonhomie…cracking jokes, taking pleasure in discussing the twins…and just chatting up…mostly with her reminiscing about the days past. Fun times indeed.

My MIL makes a concious effort at all times to take my views under consideration. Her biggest fear is that I might slot her in the same bracket as the GMIL and she works all the more harder to break that stigma. Its almost heartbreaking at times!!

And some day, I will be an MIL myself. And I shudder to think that my would-be-DIL carries pre-conceived notions about me, even before she meets me!!  Aargghhh!!

On an aside, I do agree that there are DILs who are justified in their angst against the in-laws. It has mostly to do with the ‘acceptance’ factor….where the DIL feels that she is not totally, wholeheartedly accepted by her in-laws. Thats when the discord sets in.

How many DILs actually take out time to sit with their MIL and ask her frankly, why she is behaving in a particular manner ?  How many put in that extra effort to please her? How many sincerely realize that the MIL is suffering her own losses….she is no longer the confidante of her darling son…he may no longer turn to her to ask for advice, or just ask for that second helping of food. These are small things, but they can hurt a mother immensely.

And if a DIL does not make these small efforts from her side, then she is at fault. NOT the MIL.

If you share a good rapport with your MIL, you’ll surely enjoy life….something like these two :-

a typical "Tu tu main main " household 🙂

Anyhow, Monday mornings are no time for preaching, but then, what exactly are Monday mornings for??

The blues , I guess 🙂

So while I wallow in my blues, you guys go ahead and have a great weekend ahead.

And yeah, please ignore all that rambling that took place above….its just the outcome of a monday-morning-blues-affected mind.

Getting back to work now…


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