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Go nostalgic……

Here I was , sitting at my desk, working, when suddenly, there was this waft…a slight fragrance carried from GodknowsWhere…it was at once familiar, yet something I couldn’t exactly locate. The only thought was that I must have smelt it before…maybe when I was a kid….was it perfume? incense? room freshener?? Naah!! None of these…yet, YET, I was sure I had smelt it loooong ago…….ages ago….

Does this happen to you?? A sudden waft from the past…? 

Anyhow, it got me thinking……what all were the other ‘smells’ that I could recollect…the ones which made an impression then, and still do. A little bit of introspection revealed this list :-

1) The distinct fragrance of Ponds Dreamflower Talc that my mom used to wear. The slight flowery smell, that permeated her very being…Whenever I think of mom, I can ‘smell’ the fragrance in my mind 🙂 .

Ponds Talcum Powder

2) The first rain ….the first few droplets falling on the parched earth….giving off that fragrance which was intoxicating, yet unachievable…something you desperately want to get hold of, but couldn’t. There was this frustration I could feel, of not being able to grasp the source of this smell, to hold it captive and make it mine forever 🙂

The first rain..

3) Palak (Spinach) Soup. My love for the green veggies starts and ends with Palak. The earthy aroma of thick palak soup, topped with a generous helping of fresh butter (sometimes Amul butter) or cream, the steam carrying the promise of fulfilment. Yummm….

Hot Palak Soup. Image source : http://fastindianrecipes.com

4) The smell of babies when you nuzzle their necks….the soft smell which is a combination of baby talc, milk, cerelac..whatever….its so soft, inviting, I feel I can inhale forever, yet not get enough of it. And both my babies smell the same 🙂

So delicate....

5) The hot steam carrying a deliciously heavenly smell when you remove the cover from Dum Biryani. The mixture of fried onions, mint and coriander, of soft rice and tender meat….the spices binding it all together…. I better stop before I start drooling on the keyboard 😀

Fragrant Biryani . Image source : http://fragrantkitchen.blogspot.com


There are so many more…but it’ll take a long time to list all of them.

This was my list….

What are your favourite smells??

Care to tell me? 🙂

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