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Hmmm…so most of you must be aware of my not-so-futile attempt at making others pen down their thoughts .

I call it Not-So-Futile, only because a few regular readers were kind enough to send in their entries for my 101st post.

But many of my good friends and family members are still twiddling thumbs, deciding on what to write about!!

Aaahh…Shakespeare I didn’t want, but I never knew , writing your own feelings could be so tough!!

Is it really??

Is it that difficult to take out a few minutes in a day to sit back and think about yourself?

About what you like, dislike?

About what makes you glad, annoyed?

About how you would like to change things, or let them be.

Is everyone that busy that they have time for everyone and everything, except themselves??

The request for posts was not just for my blog. I was seriously interested in knowing what others feel.

It’s disappointing to find out that they have no time to analyse their own selves.

What a busy busy world we live in, indeed.

So Apa, brosky, bags, BFC,Parul,Salil,Amruta and all others who had promised their entries and are yet to send them, here’s a simple request.

Please take out some time for yourselves. It’s ok if you don’t send in your entries. I’m waaaay past the 101st post now. Just take a break from your awfully hectic lives. Sit back, relax and take a chill pill.

(And yeah, do take out time to read me, of course 😀 )

Much love to all 🙂


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It’s so difficult to keep mum about something which has gladdened your heart beyond measure!!!

A very very close friend is tying the knot.

Its BFC.

She finally found someone whom she could talk to (and I really feel that if a prospective groom does not induce confidence for conversation, he may not be the right choice after all. Yes. I HATE grumpy silent men!! )

You know, I have immense respect for people who go in for arranged marriages. Its such a BIG risk. A gamble, and you have NO idea what the stakes are.

And in such a situation, you find the RIGHT person, how lucky are you?!!!

Am awfully, awfully pleased for her.

And if there is a slight twinge of pain in my heart , I’ll ignore it…for now.

The engagement is in Delhi, and so is the wedding. And after that, she may either be in Delhi or abroad.

How does that make me feel??


You get so used to your friends being around, always there when you need them, making time to meet up when you want to….that it hits you real hard to know they may NOT always be around. That they have their own lives to live. Their own homes to warm. Their own families to look after.

I’ve known BFC for around 12 years now. The longest I’ve ever known any friend. We were together only till college, and after that, we both went our own ways…but never much away from each other. She is the only constant in my otherwise variable life (BAD example…but I’ll let it go this time!).

And yes, I’m apprehensive about her leaving Pune…because I don’t know when I’ll get to meet her next!! I sound selfish here, but thats just how I am 😦

Am gonna miss her awfully…and am trying my best NOT to sound too emotional about it….but yes, if I attend her wedding, I’d be the one bawling the LOUDEST. (Most probably, i’ll get thrown out of the venue, but then I’d be too heartbroken to notice , and the only concern would be the BF, who would have to handle 2 babies and a bawling wife…then we’ll have some ugly stares coming our way. Gosh!!!What the hell am I rambling about !!?!! Focus, momofrs, Focus).

I wish BFC all the very best. I KNOW she would make a GREAT wife, a lovely companion and a diligent homemaker. Mr. SK is a lucky guy indeed. He just doesn’t know it yet 😀

And OHHH, BFC bakes the meanest cakes in town. Her cakes are to DIE for!!!

How I’m gonna miss her!!!…….Sigh…it had to happen some day…..

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