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The MIL was busy with RS, trying to get her to sleep and I was in the kitchen, wrapping up for the night.

RS started crying loudly and MIL was trying her best to console her.

I immediately went into the room and told MIL that RS had a burp stuck in her throat which is making her uneasy. So I lifted my baby and patted her back gently.

Within a minute, she burped┬áloudly and collapsed on my shoulder, deep asleep. MIL was happy that her DIL wasn’t as useless as she appeared ­čÖé

Anyhow, I wondered. How did I know that it was a burp and not a mosquito bite?

RS has a standard cry. Loud, heavy,uncompromising. It does not vary for any situation. So how could I make out what exactly it is, that made her cry in the first place?

It’s the same with SS. I just know, why exactly he’s crying. It’s surprising, really. I get to spend very little time with the kids. Mostly in the night. The MIL and GMIL spend more time with them. Yet, when the babies cry, they can’t figure out why. They question me, and I confidently tell them the reason.

And it doesn’t cease to surprise me each time.

Is this what is called “Mother’s instinct” ?

How come mothers exactly know ? What gives them the surety? What makes them understand their babies so deeply? To understand when they are hungry and when they are not? To know what will keep them occupied and what will not!

Its not just about being tuned to your baby’s needs, because sometimes, you just don’t know what they want. Like, some babies cry for attention when they have soiled their diapers. Not mine.

They love wallowing in their poop. It’s all warm and gooey and comfy, just the perfect thing to hold on to on a cold winter morning. No wonder they kick up such a big fuss when I try to change them. They protest, yell, twist and try their best to hang on to that poop. If it wasn’t for the smell, I wouldn’t even know┬áthat their diaper was loaded.

So does it make me a bad mother if I don’t change their diapers in time? In the same way it makes me a ‘good’ mother to know what exactly is ailing them?

It’s so confusing….this motherhood thing.

Most mothers take these instances for granted, as a part of life. But I can’t help questioning myself here. Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of detailing that has gone into the making of a woman. It re-affirms my belief in God.

But then, I look at men, and the belief falters.

Naah, I kid ­čÖé

We need the men in our lives. They just need a little bit of training for being handy in the time of need ­čÖé

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…I MUST add this video.

I request all you readers to take out time to go through this. Completely.

I was spellbound by this lady’s courage. Her strength of conviction and beliefs. The amount of effort and patience required to do what she has done, is commendable.

In a small way, I feel privileged to hear her. It humbles me. Because I know, that whatever I do in life, I’ll never come close to achieving what she has. I don’t know what it takes to fight against society. Against family .To stand up for what you believe in. To NOT let others suffer the way you did!!

Sunitha┬áKrishnan, I rue the fact that┬áin today’s world, more coverage is given to the scheming inhabitants of BiggBoss’s house than the good work you do. Whereas, the world deserves to know that people like you exist. People in India need to know, that there are lifesavers like you in our midst.

So brave. So giving. So nurturing.

To read up more on her struggle, please go through this interview of her’s.

Its up to a victim to decide whether he/she is a victim or not.

Am glad to know that Sunitha┬ádecided she didn’t want to be a victim ­čÖé

You have made a big difference to me Sunitha. I’m not the same momofrs I was. And I’m glad of this change you have brought in me.

I may not able able to do what you do. But I’ll definitely make an effort to support your cause. With whatever means I can. I will.

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A Royal (Hi)Mess

Hi-mess Reshammiya fans beware. This post is not for you, you faint-hearted, nasal-sound-loving, cap wearing losers!

The others, meanwhile can read on.

A villager from a far-off land once started writing a letter to Hi-mess bhaiya. It went something like this :-


Pranaam Hi-Mess bhaiya,

Aap bade din baad dikhe. Aur dikhne ke baad yeh khayal aaya, ki bhala aap kyun dikhe? Hum sukh se life bita rahe the…itne mein ek aandhi aayi aur saath mein ‘mann ka radio’ layi. Lagta hai galat ‘station’ tune ho gaya.

Kasam se kehte hain Hi-mess bhaiya, purane zamane ke K.L.Saigal saab yaad aa gaye.

Ab yeh sochiye, ki agar K.L.Saigal saab ‘tune’,’full-2′, ‘attitude’, jaise lafz istemaal karte to kaise sunai dete??

Bas , lagta hai aap unhi ka doosra roop lekar aaye hain.

Lekin Hi-mess bhaiya, aapko to pata hi hoga, hamare gaon mein insaanoen se zyada pret-atmaaon ko aapse pyaar hai. Aapke gaane bajne par hi woh apne assigned tasks par jaate hain. Aajkal maut ka bulawa bhi aapke “Jhalak dikhla”ne par hi aata hai.

Gaon ka koi bachha jab rota hai, toh uski maa kehti hai, “so ja beta, nahin to Hi-mess (g)ayega”. Thar-Tharrrrr (Shudder!!)

Hum gaon waloen ki taraf se bas ek hi nivedan hai. Kuchh bhi gao, bajao, lekin Radio par mat mao.

Woh aisa hai na, itni door veerane mein ek radio hi hamare entertainment ka sadhan hai. At least woh to mat chheeno!!


Well, obviously, Hi-Mess wasn’t pleased with this letter. His countenance underwent a myriad of emotions , best seen here.

Poor Hi-mess, after all the money he spent in obtaining two voices, it appeared, people didn’t prefer either!!

Wise people.

Aaahh….if only he would stick to making music and give up hopes of becoming an ‘Actor’….I guess only then would I have something positive to say about him!!

*walking away humming, “Soniye…..” *

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