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Running short of names

For some unknown reason I’d started reading up on the life of Krishna and Rukmini, about how he rescued and married her. About their love for each other.

Towards the end of the article, I came across this nugget of information. Rukmini had 10 sons. The first one was Pradyumna.

The rest nine were named as follows :-


I can almost picture the youngest one (Charu) jumping up each time any of his brothers were called out!!

Ohhh !! To live life on tenterhooks!!!

If they had nick-names those days, wonder what they would all be called??


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Dad’s mail to his ‘Friends’.

My dad is a prolific writer. It’s just too sad that he didn’t take up with activity with more dedication. He’d do so well, I tell you!!!

Anyhow, Dad had sent me this mail (obviously feeling that I’m running short of material to post on my blog!! Dad, Dad!!! ), explicitly stating that it’s a¬†garbled stream of words leading nowhere. He had sent this mail to his ‘Net-Friends’ group when they were inactive for an extensively long period. Considering that Dad is a ‘people’-oriented person, he felt cut-out and stranded by his ‘friends’. Hence this long rambly mail from him.

I , personally, like his flow. The style of writing. Using the right words, hoping against hope that the readers follow its meaning ūüėÄ

Anyhow, have a read.


My Dear Friends,
I apologise for not being in the mood for the usual endearing terminologies.  Well, just to come to the point, of late, I have ruminated a good deal, and I have realised that, I have some high pressure priorities at my domestic front and at my professional pre-occupations, which require my undivided attention and, I am not sure if I am able to do justice to most of these essentials in my life. 
 I have also realised that, I have been engaging myself in activities which are really of no intrinsic value to others or myself.  I hold myself responsible for opening up so much of myself and bringing together a momentum that is so beautiful. But deep within, I understand that I may have been wrong in some of my judgements and perceptions in gathering such a group as ours. But then, I always believed in building up a homogenous team out of heterogenous minds and keeping them together. But then,that was not to be.
Friends, there comes a point when I too could feel deeply hurt by the thoughts, words and actions of a few friends and being so grossly misunderstood. Having tried my best to mend fences and bring them around and failed, I find it best to delink from all these activities. I feel that, maybe that would be the best solution in the interest of all. I would hate to be the cause of any ill-feeling or misunderstanding within our group.
Although I have tried my best to be magnanimous about it, I think it has gotten to a point where I feel I am just wasting my time on a useless exercise. As for myself, I have had no ulterior motives or vested interests, in whatever I have said or done. Joy and Happiness on everyone’s face and heart is all that I had prayed for, all these days.¬† That being so, have I gone grossly wrong somewhere ?
Each one of you friends have been very special to me and I value your friendship as precious – always. I am reminded of a famous saying “Time might lead me somewhere away from you all and fate may even wipe me from your memory….But, I will always be grateful to God that, once in my life’s journey, we became friends.”¬†
I sincerely convey my profound gratitude to all of you for the time and effort you have spent for me.¬† However, except for an occasional greeting or mail on the Net as it is my habit to share, I do not even expect a response, if you are busy.¬† I will, as always, understand your preoccupations and respect your right to your space.¬† I don’t think I would be able to take on more at this point .¬† I wish you all the very best of life and a great happiness ahead in all your endeavours.
Thank you for all the happy moments we have shared – I’ll cherish them as the greatest treasures of my life. Take Care.
Your Ever Sincere Friend,


Sigh. No wonder he didn’t get any reply to this mail!!!

The recipients must still be going through their dictionaries ūüôā

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Last weekend¬†, I had a great time. After a long time, I felt satisfied with a weekend well spent ūüôā . This is going to be a long post. So be forewarned.

It all started with Saturday morning. Woke up late, fed and nuzzled the babies and slept again.

Woke up, and had this crazy urge to do some rapid cooking. So I made palak-dal, rice, bhindi and some sizzling red-chillies-n-garlic chutney (which was originally intended to be schezwan sauce, but it turned into something else entirely. Anyhow, it was edible, and thats what matters!!). And to wrap up the menu, indulged myself by making Gajar-halwa. My absolute favourite!! The BF helped by grating the carrots diligently. I so LOVE him when he helps around the kitchen!!

Anyhow, the halwa¬†turned out just right (even¬†if it’s just me saying¬†so!!!). Its my one speciality. Always. It turns out great anyway I make it.¬† Here’s a pic of the same (In my hurry,¬†I dumped ALL the dry-nuts into it and forgot to leave some for decoration ūüė¶ ):-

Gajar halwa

Believe me, it was much better than what it looks like in the pic. You know my photography skills suck BIG time!!! 

MIL came back from school in the afternoon and was pleased to see the dishes lined up. Sometimes I please her beyond measure ūüėÄ .I know, I do stuff like that at times !!

Was planning on sorting the twin’s cupboard, which currently¬†looks like the salvation army’s junkyard, but before I could get to it, got a message from BFC. She was enquiring if we were free in the evening. I wasn’t so sure, but then, we had initially planned on meeting on Sunday, but all of us had other commitments. Anyway, the BF was keen to meet up¬†and the time was fixed at 5pm . AND we were supposed to get the kids along (Somehow, one loses value after having kids. Your friends/relatives aren’t as keen at meeting you, as your kids!! So mostly its like, you either turn up with the kids, or don’t turn up at all!! Anyhow, I digress).

The babies were sleeping and I thought of leaving them behind. But just as we were leaving, they woke up. And we thought, why not take them along?! Quick phone calls were made¬†to inform the others that we’d be a tad later than 5pm.

Fed the kids their bikkies¬†(Parle-G biscuits in milk) and dressed them up. We left around 5.30pm, picked up BFC¬†and BFG¬†at one pick-up point, got hold of BFS¬†at another. Dropped in at BFC’s place for a few minutes ( her parents wanted to meet the twins ūüôā ) where the twins, thankfully , were in their best behaviour, except maybe the time, SS thought it his duty to¬†meticulously bring the stuff from their terrace into the hall.

Wrapping up with quick good-byes, we left BFC’s¬†place and then pondered on where to go next?! BF suggested CCD, but I didn’t want to take the kids where their loud hollering would cause raised eye-brows. So we all decided on McDs.

Good choice, considering its the ideal place for young kids. The only disappointing thing was that they had only one high chair. It’s not¬†as if there were any other families with young babies around!! But it was all forgiven because they agreed to turn down the loud music when we told them that the babies were getting disturbed by it. Full marks to McD’s on this ūüôā .

Much fun ensued after that. Loads of friendly repartee, ribbing of BFC¬†on her would-be-fiance, naughty flirting between the BF and BFS¬†with BFG¬†chiming in with her comments for effect.¬† BFC¬†commented that the BF’s ‘only-guy-rule’ was over and the BF made a mock miserable and gloomy face!!! Aaah!! Fun indeed. It’s absolutely¬†wonderful¬†to have a set of common friends …you know, friends who are as much close to you as your hubby. So we can BOTH chill-out and our friends can also chill-out and we can just be ourselves. This kind of atmosphere I haven’t found outside THIS friend circle. And thats why these three are so dear to me. We all go back a loooong¬†way and I pray to God that in spite of them moving away due to matrimony or work, we continue to stay in touch.Forever. Ameen.

It was the twin’s first ‘public’ outing,¬†where we take them to a formal public place. They behaved well, at least, they didn’t cry or bring down the roof with their shrieks!! Thats the advantage of taking out your kids once in a blue moon. Coz when you do, they are so spell-bound¬†by the new surroundings, the sights, the sounds, the smells, that they are quite struck dumb and forget to cry. BFS¬†and BFG¬†took loads of snaps and I was waiting for them to send me the snaps before I could write this post. But since BFS¬†is out-of-town¬†and BFG is busy, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and just HAD to write it down anyway.¬†The snaps, alas, will just have to wait (Where was my camera, you ask? Well, in my hurry to pack their baby-bag, it absolutely skipped my mind. And the memory card in my camera cell-phone has gone corrupt, so no luck there too ūüė¶ )

We came back home, happy and content of an evening well spent. Nothing cheers one up more than the company of good friends ūüôā

Sunday was equally eventful. The kids were taken to their Ped for their Chicken-pox shot. Must say, RS is a brave little thing. She just gave one sharp yell of anger when the needle inserted into her. She was cool as a cucumber after that. SS cried heartbreakingly, but then,thats what he does best!!Once back, the BF decided he needed to work from home. The GMIL wanted to visit some relatives who had returned from Haj. So the MIL, GMIL and me packed the kids once more and bundled ourselves into an auto for our destination. Ummm, a confession here. None of us three adults is anywhere close to being, ahem, slim. It was a major feat to squeeze the three of us, PLUS two babies into the confines of an auto. Not comfortable, I tell you. Not by a looong margin!!

Once there, the babies again got caught up in the new surroundings, trying to touch other kids, pick up stuff from the floor, and just lose themselves in the crowd. I had my hands full making sure I didn’t lose sight of these two. Post lunch, the GMIL insisted we drop by her sister’s place who stays close by. So we went there too. Spent some time with them had tea, and then started back for home.

We were quite exhausted after coming back…its not easy you know, managing two babies. Because sometimes, in crowds, they cling on to you¬†like vines and refuse to let go. So you end up lugging them around, hanging from your waist. And RS, being the heavier one, was carried¬†by me the whole time. No wonder I got this weird back ache once we got home.

Anyhow, the kids were as tired as we were. They had dinner meekly (yes, even RS) and promptly dropped off to dreamland. Their mamma wasn’t far behind.

I didn’t actually get to do the stuff I had planned to do, but yeah, I had a good time nevertheless. Caught up with friends, relatives, spent time with babies, spent time in kitchen ( ūüėČ ) …..lovely, indeed ūüôā

I wish I had more weekends like these…….

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