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On chat, with BF :-


me: salaam. how are you? missing me??

BF: Well….Should I?

me: shouldn’t you? No, don’t bother to answer that…

I know your mind is pre-occupied with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Aaah!! I’ll just carry on working like the donkey that I am!!

(after a while…) Hello!!!! u there?? At least bother to disagree with my statement!!

BF : πŸ™‚ Disagreed

me: uff!!! why do I even waste my time on you!!!

BF : Arre!! whats wrong? U asked to disagree,I did.If u want me to agree I will

me: oh God!!


While passing by a park where the BF used to play with his friends when he was a kid :-


(mentally thinking of writing a post on the BF’s childhood)

me : Hey, it’s that park right? Lets go there?

BF : You want to?

me : yeah sure, that is, if you don’t mind and have the time.

BF : (turning the car around) Sure, why not! It’ll give you some more content for your blog. πŸ™‚

me : 😐


On me showing off my new dress :-


me : So, how do I look.

BF : ( looking intently) Whose is it??

me : WTH…..??? (full of sarcasm) Padosi ka hai!!

BF : (grinning) Hmm….no wonder its such an ill-fit!!

me : 😦


While talking with friends :-


BFS : You know, N, you do look like a momma now. It shows in your face. But the BF still looks young.

BF : (all pleased ) BFC, I’ve been trying to tell this to her for ages, she just wouldn’t listen!!

me : Yeah, so I look old!! By the way BFS, if the BF was to give birth to twins with his tummy walking a foot ahead of him, I’m sure he would look like me too.

BFS : (mischievously) Naah. I don’t think so.

BF : (Fist pumping!!) I knew it!!

me : 😦


Discussing BFC’s fiance :-


me : He’s rather serious. Next time ask him to send a snap where he’s smiling.

BFC : He’s not all that serious in real.

me : (looking sideways at the BF) he’s rather cute, I must say.

BF : (pretending to be heart-broken) You know girls, I’ve been waiting for the last 10 years for you all to say that about me!! And now my wife goes and says it about a guy she hasn’t even seen!!!

BFC, BFC, BFG : (Silence)….

BF : See, you all still wont say it!!!

meΒ : πŸ˜€


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