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A Secret Bond….

The woman looks down at the boy in her lap. Sleepy, irritable, the boy whines in short spurts. She tries to make him sleep, rocking him gently. The girl watches from a distance and comes and sits close to the woman. She looks down at the boy, gazing at him intently. The woman can’t decipher the look. It is frank, direct, yet, carries something she can’t really name. The girl extends a chubby hand and starts patting the boy’s tummy, the way the woman was doing a while back. The girl hums a small song, maybe she knows what she is singing. The boy looks up at the girl. He gives her a knowing look, as if understanding her song.  The girl bows low and plants her lips on the boy’s face. The boy smiles. She does this again a couple of times.

The woman looks on, her heart filled with love and envy. To see a love shared so unconditionally. To see a love , not asked for, but given. To see a love so pure and a bond so strong.

The man, watching from a distance, smiles to himself. He gives the woman a rueful glance and sits down next to the girl. He extends his neck and asks the girl for a kiss. She turns up her nose at him walks away, annoyed at being disturbed so.

The woman laughs deeply.

“Its their secret bond. We aren’t a part of it yet, are we? ”

“No, we aren’t”, he replies wistfully. “Not yet”.

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