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A Common Scold

Bet you thought I made a typo there, didn’t ya? šŸ™‚

Anyhow, I came across this term for the first time while reading the book “Why Men Lie and Women Cry” by Allan & Barbara Pease.

And here is what I found out :-

A common scold is a woman who is accused of offending her husband by being a ‘nag’.

Yeah, you heard that right. It was a punishable offence to be a nag in the late 19th century.

So any woman who was opinionated, vocal and feminist, was brandedĀ a common scold and was punished.


By dunking her repeatedly in a river or lake.


Not really. If you go by the methods implemented for this punishment.

The "ducking chair"

The woman in question was strapped to a chair and the chair was then lowered into a river or pond till submerged. The duration ofĀ being submerged depended on the severity ofĀ the allegation. Apparently, witches and prostitutesĀ were submergedĀ for longer periods than regular housewives. The punishment could last from a few hours to the whole day.

And if the woman still continued to beĀ a common scold, she was paradedĀ in the town/village, with a metal mask (called “the branks” )on her face, with a rod inside it which was forced into the culprit’s mouth to hold the tongue down.


All this for just reminding the man-of-the-house to take out the trash!!!

Coming to the present, I nag the BF ALL the time.Ā  Right from the time he gets up to the time he goes to sleep. I just don’t nag him about picking up his wet-towel-on-the-bed routine, I bicker about his diet, lack of exercise, extra working hours, etc, etc.

Believe me, If I was in the 19th century, by now, Ā I would’ve been dunked to death.

Not funny at all šŸ˜¦

On second thoughts, I really shouldn’t have written this post.

What if the BF reads it?!!


Naah, I kid. This time šŸ™‚

Edited to add :

You can read up more on the common scold and dunking chair here .

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A year back : 27Dec08

I had this mail sitting in the drafts and I completely forgot about it. Just fished it out to post.

On 27th Dec 2008, we celebrated the twin’s naming ceremony. My family was here in Pune, with Dad rushing around with the preparations (He had come to Pune just a couple of days before). Bro was busy assisting him. BhabhiĀ and cousin Lubna were busy with the decorations, Mom was busy with the babies. And I was busy…umm.. not really, but yeah, I was busy relaxing in the midst of all this mayhem šŸ˜€

There was an unfortunate incident in the BF’s family because of which most of his relatives could not come. But the SIL and her family made it to the event (Thank God).

There were loads of people from our side….family friends, friends of my grand parents from mother’s side….. BFC,BFS and BFG…and many more.

I don’t have a snap right now, of the swing that was readiedĀ for the twins. Will post it as soon as I get hold its soft copy. But I have to say, BhabhiĀ and Lubna had done a splendid job!!

Aapa had lent us the satin baby bed for the day, which totally added to the look.

Here I am, towards the fag-endĀ of the evening, grinning like an loon, displaying my trophies :-

My two babies and Me

The pic is a little hazy, because dad took it with his cellphone camera (the only camera he’s comfortable handling!!)

SS is as usual, busy sleeping, and RS, as usual, is busy absorbing whats going on around her (This girl is far too observant for her own good ).

When I look at this pic, at me comfortably holding BOTH of them in my arms, I marvel at the time passed. At how far we have come. I can barely hold RS fo more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch now (mA). There was a point in those days when I used to fret over themĀ like a manic. They were way too thin, too under weight (being preemies). But Alhamdulillah, they are doing good now.

One year down the line, and I can look back proudly. To see that in spite of our many short comings, me and the BF did the best we could.Ā  And that we have succeeded to a certain limit.

There is much more to come ahead. Many heart aches, rebellions, reprimands and what not. Am not sure if I’m ready for it all…

But then, I wasn’t really prepared for the twins either. Or was I ? šŸ˜€

I haven’tĀ  done so bad till now, have I ?

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