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We won. We WON!!

OK, so we didn’t get the FIRST prize.

Or the second either!!

So WHAT?!!

We are now officially the most Technologically Innovative team.

There. Beat THAT!!

Ok, so here’s the dope.

Our cubicle theme was “SPACE STATION”. And if ONE more of you asks if it is related to “DISCO STATION“, you are going to get the virtual thwack on the head from me. No less!!

Anyhow, we decorated our cubicle with loads of silver paper .We made a space ship and a rocket for effect. On the ground (the desk, actually) was the receiving Dish antennae. Did I mention, we had the planets floating above. I didn’t?? Ok, I just did, now¬† ūüôā

For good measure, we had put on our jackets and worn helmets (the closest we could make it to looking like an astronaut).

Many people weren’t sure as to why we had the balls hanging from the roof. Me had a flash of brilliance and added the ‘rings’ around the orange ball( sorry, it was a balloon!!).¬† Kind of gave it the Saturn-y look. Then people made out that it had something to do with outer space.

Lookie :-

Space ship

Cubicle mates AP and SK with the space ship

dish antennae

The DISH that made the difference

Here comes the judge!!

Can you see the rocket on the top left??

Thats our manager, doing the rounds. He was more tickled than anyone else , about our cube. And thats me, fiddling with the helmet. The one I mentioned previously, two posts back.

Anyhow, alls well that ends well. We are the proud recipients of the Technologically Innovative award and have done our Telematics group proud. Cheers.

And here’s a BIG virtual PBFFRRRTTTT to the BF, who was sure we’d be making utter fools of ourselves!!.

So there, have fun people.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a great weekend ahead.

Much love.

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Houseful of Chaos

What do you get when you put a 5-year-old (Ar) a 2-year-old(Ab) and two one-year-olds (RS and SS) together in a room?

Total chaos. Destruction. The running wild with the no-will-blame-me freedom!

Last two days have been awfully loud and noisy since the SIL came over with her two boys. The kids have taken to each other like fish to water. So while RS loves pushing little Ab into corners and forcing her kisses on him, kid Ar is busy minding SS, making sure that he doesn’t hurt himself. Little Ab has also taken a¬† fancy to RS, walking around the place chanting “Looeee”¬† (ahh, I so love the baby lisp!!) at regular intervals. And Ar is busy schooling SS on the consequences of the “Jungle Van”¬† (anyone knows what it is??) if SS doesn’t eat up his dinner. RS loves patting everyone to sleep and her favourite is Ab. To Ar, she loves showing off her belly button. So every time¬†Ar comes anywhere near, this girl lifts her frock and points a chubby finger to her belly button.¬† ( Note : Disgusting habit. Must remember to break it before she hits puberty!!). SS, being the mild-mannered¬†kid that he is, simply follows the crowd. So if the others are running around in circles, he’s sure to join in. If Ar leaves the room, SS is on his heels like a loyal pup.

They are also running amok pulling down stuff withing their reach. So we now have¬† MIL’s cupboard’s last two rows emptied on¬†the floor (culprit RS). Newspaper strewn all over the house, paper which no-one has read yet (culprit Ab and RS)! Kitchen utensils¬†brought to the hall and happily banged (culprit SS). Tricycle driven over anything and everything (culprit Ar).

Ahhh…the joys of having kids!!

But not all is bonhomie here. Loads of fights ensue. Over the toy car. The tricycle. The balls. Practically everything. Since the twins are already bored with the toys, they don’t¬†give a damn¬†as to who plays with their¬†toys (RS shows a wee bit of jealousy when we put SS into the toy car. She generally shoves and pushes him till the¬†poor boy whimpers¬†to be¬†let out. Then the smarmy miss happily clambers¬†in and has the whole¬†place to herself. But of course, this behaviour is restricted¬†to SS only. She couldn’t care less when little Ab made the car his own!)

Fights mostly take place between Ar and Ab and my two midgets try to play referee.  They take sides with whichever party cries first. And then these two join in. So we have a bunch of 4 kids howling their hearts out.

Much fun. Not!!

SIL and MIL are contemplating jumping off the balcony if the kids cry in unison once more. The BIL has decided that the four now need to be tied to the bed post as punishment. The BF has taken leave for today, to relieve the MIL for the day. SIL is not sure whether she should stay till the weekend of go back home.

GMIL¬†is enjoying all the ruckus ūüôā .To see all her great-grandchildren around her must be¬†giving her a high. She’s the only one who has been grinning . Thank God for that ūüėÄ

Me? Am trying my best to stay away from home ūüėÄ

Naah, not really. Work is keeping me occupied and I finally asked for a release from this project. As expected , the managers are not too happy, but they agreed to relieve me after Feb. Another 2 months go!! Hmmmm…..

Anyhow, waiting for the day to end. Planning to leave early today. Just wanna go home and be a part of the madness there.

Looking forward to it all. Much!!


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A New Year Kiss

I took the Scooty to office today. The BF insisted that I carry a helmet along (correction, not ONLY carry, but WEAR it too !!) 

So the only helmet at home which would fit my head, was the one which the FIL generally uses. Not the F1 type helmet. The regular bajaj-scooter-type-helmet. Round shaped with a pull-down visor in the front.  The ones worn by our fathers proudly in days gone by. 

My helmet looks like this....


The helmet I wore, looked something like the one above, only with a slight difference. It had a full face visor in front. And yeah, it’s not as pretty as the one above ūüė¶¬†

Anyhow, I put on the helmet and made my way to office. The office complex where I work, is beautiful. I had posted some pics of that area here. So whenever I enter the gates, I pull down my scarf and breathe in the fresh cool air. Believe me, after choking through smoke-filled roads, this place feels like heaven!! 

Since I had the visor down, as soon as I entered the gates, I felt the cool breeze,¬†on just my lips ūüėÄ .¬†

It was a funny feeling. No , not funny. It was delicious. The cool winter air, softly caressing the lips. It almost felt like nature’s kiss. So tender, so lovely. For a minute I thought of just driving along….absorbing this wonderful sensation.¬†

Has anyone ever experienced this before? 

But practical sense prevailed and I realized that I was already much late for work and idling around is not gonna win me any brownie points on the first day of work in the new year!! 

Anyhow, this day has started off well. And me being a sentimental fool, can’t help but believe that this is just an indication of better days to come.¬†

Am looking forward to a great year. 

How about you??

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A VERY HAPPY 2010 :)


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