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Blog Mania :)

What happens when you get bitten by the blog-bug ??

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My Road Rage!

In Pune, traffic signals are active usually from 9AM to 9PM. Before and after 9, the traffic is allowed to move at its own risk.

This morning, I left home just before 9 AM. Nearing one of the big crossings, I found that the signals had just started working, and although some drivers were taking note of it and keeping their vehicles in check, there were a few bikers zipping around at random.

Anyhow, just as I neared the crossing, we got a green signal and I sped across. Suddenly, some buffoon from the left side dashed across right in front of me. I had to grasp the brakes for all I was worth. What was he thinking?? I yelled the dirtiest profanity I knew.

“Idiot”, I screamed.

A fraction of a second later, I realized, that if he has seen the latest movie with the aforementioned profanity in the title, he might actually take it as a compliment 😐

Arrrgghhh!! I need to update my profan-vocab.


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