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Too much happening….too fast!!!

The twins are officially, 1 year and  1  month old.

Unofficially, they are 1 year old (being preemies).

Though I’ve been fretting over their growth for the last one year, I’ve now realized that since the day they crossed the 1 year mark, they may not have grown much physically (SS is STILL stuck at 9kgs), but their mental activity has grown exponentially.

They have started showing signs of understanding what we say. Responding properly to our requests (commands don’t work with these two!! Pesky twits)

RS will go round in circles when we ask her to. She will start dancing at the slightest hint of music. She even gets up to dance on hearing the Azaan.

SS is taking body building to different heights. I really must get hold of baby-dumbells for him. This guy is least intesrested in stuff that weighs less than him!!

We all know by now how much the twins love and care for each other.

For mini-people, barely a foot and half in height, they are super charged on emotions.

But not everything is rosy in the house of MomofRS. There are wars, there are battles. There are fights which disrupt the whole house. There are hair-raising screams and shreiks. There are blood-curdling howls.

There is enough drama and action to keep one entertained throughout the day!! AND night!!

All thanks to the “Terrible Two” entering their “Terrible Twos”!!

Yup, the twins have officially entered their “Terrible twos” phase. I was under the impression that this stage came on much later. I was Soooo wrong!!!

The reason behind this sudden spurt of activity is the discovery of …..”Legs”.

The twins have discovered that their legs can take them places. So they can squeeze their way through the tiniest gap in the door. They are now on a discovery mission to locate hitherto unknown regions of the house. Their expeditions bring on some not too favorable results.

The waste bin in the balcony is upturned and its contents put on display for them to take their pick.

The clothespins are pulled out and thrown down from the balcony.

Leaves are yanked from the plants.

Buckets upturned, water spilled .

Utensils stolen from the kitchen and spread out in the drawing room. Utensils banged till deformed.

Nooks and cranies crawled into. Loud yelling when unable to crawl out of the same nook/cranny.

Clothes pulled down from their pegs. Floors wiped with the pulled down clothes.

Mobile chargers yanked from their sockets.

Remote control banged till it cracks.

Shoes pulled out from their stand and thrown all over the house.

Drawers opened and their contents spilled on the floor.

Newspapers, magazines ripped to shreds.

Cupboards opened. Clothes pulled out. Clothes peed on.

Cooked food pulled down from the shelf. Being drenched in dal.

These are all the attacks on the house.On inanimate things.

Now, on the attacks on each other.

–  SS playing with some toys. RS totters to the kitchen and returns with the pressure cooker lid. RS comes up to SS and bangs the lid on SS’s head.

– RS playing with some toy. SS demanding the same toy. RS refusing to part with it. SS hits RS hard on her nose.

–  SS playing with some toy. RS demanding it. SS running away with it. RS grabs his shirt and gives a good yank. SS goes sprawling on the floor.

– RS playing with some toy. SS snatches it from her. RS tries to get it back. SS running away with it. RS catching up fast. RS smashes the toy to the floor in anger.

Something tells me, that though the twins love each other, they are also each other’s worst enemy.

Is it something to do with them being scorpions??

Anyhow, I’m having my hands full just keeping track of their activities (AND blogging about it :D)

A gentle warning to those who wish to come over to visit. My house looks like a victim of the Katrina attack (the typhoon, NOT the bimbette!!)

Enter at your own risk.


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