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Morning. 08:50 AM

Jacket. Check.
Scarf. Check.
Sunglasses. Check.

Lunchbox. Check.
Purse. Check.
Cellphone. Check.

Play peek-a-boo with kids. Rush out when they hide.

Hear babies howling in protest on finding their mamma gone.

Feel the rush of guilt and shame. Contemplate taking the day off and returning home.

Turn back towards the door. Hear kids laughing with their father.

Turn back again.

Rush down to the parking.

Wipe dust off the bike. Hang lunchbox and purse in front.

Start ignition. Hear bike sputter and stop.

Curse the bike. Start ignition again.

Hear engine pick up. Smile, give it a raise. Hear engine dying. Curse self.

Start ignition and wait for engine to warm up.

Rev up and speed out of the parking lot.

Enjoy the winter chill and the Sun’s soft warmth.

Thank God for small things.

See a tempo coming dangerously close. Play safe and slow down. Let him pass.

Wait at the signal. See bikers breaking the signal. Curse them.

Check out the Mama’s idling under the tree. Curse the Mamas.

Speed on at green. Hit the Highway.

Manouver carefully between buses, tempos, cars , autos and bikes.

Yell at a cyclist for using the main road instead of the cycle track.

Go further and realize that ALL the cyclists use the main road.Pesdestrians/hawkers hijack the cycle track.

Curse the hawkers.

Speed on further. Hit the flyover. Marvel at the ingenuity behind it. Once again.

Take the short cut to office.

See a man kissing a woman .The woman reclines on his arms. The man has his hands up her skirt.

Almost screech to a halt at the blatant PDA.

Blink once, twice, thrice.

Man stands up straight and puts the ‘woman’ on a pedestal.

Realize with a shock that it was a mannequin.

Chastize self for having dirty, DIRTY thoughts.

Snigger at the thought of blogging about it .

Enter office premises. Pull down scarf and breathe in the fresh air.

Prevent self (and bike) from colliding with tree.

Get cursed at by a driver for making that sharp turn towards office.

Get security clearance. Realize that all the best slots are taken. Curse the parked bikes.

Park bike at remote corner. Shove jacket+scarf+sunglasses into the seat compartment. Bang the lid shut.

Yank purse + lunchbox from the peg and walk briskly towards office.

Begin another day at work.

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