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When I say “NO” !!

Disciplining the twins has started in full steam.
And not always with favorable results.
You see, the twins are yet to understand what a “NO” means.
At times, I feel that they do understand, but yet take pleasure in pulling their mamma’s legs.
So we have instances like these :-
– Mamma changing RS’s diaper. The rolled-up diaper is shoved under the bed, out of SS’s reach. SS tries to pull it out. Mamma says, “No SS, No. No touching diapers”. SS, saunters off somewhere. Mamma is pleased with her boy. That’s how all kids should listen to their parents. Mamma gets back to putting the new diaper on RS, when suddenly, WHACK!! The loaded diaper hits mamma full in the face. The sneaky rat had managed to pull out the diaper behind his mother’s back after all. And now did the favor of giving it back to her!!!

– RS playing with the plastic cricket bat. SS comes dangerously close to her and gets a whack on the head. RS laughs with delight and repeats the action. SS howls piteously. Mamma calls out to RS and says firmly, “No, RS, NO. No hitting SS”. RS gives a big smile and comes to mamma. WHACK!! Mamma gets a taste of the bat on her head!!
Yes, exactly what I meant when I said “NO”.

– SS busy chewing off his fingers. Rotten habit, must break it. Mamma wags an admonishing finger at SS and says, “No putting fingers in mouth. Pull out your fingers now!!” SS Looks up keenly and pulls out his fingers.
To promptly grab the wagging finger of his mother and shove it into his mouth, biting hard on it.
Mamma can only yelp out loud in pain.

– RS taking her “making-baby-sleep” patting to an altogether new level with really violent thumps. SS yells loudly at being the recipient of this ‘love’. Mamma says ,”NO RS. STOP it. STOP!! NO patting SS”.
RS looks up to mamma, says , “maaaammaaaa….”. Mamma melts in a jiffy and picks up RS for a cuddle.
WHACK WHACK WHACK. Mamma gets a few loving “pats” on the face.
The nose still hurts as I type this.

– Mamma feeding kids. Kids refuse to sit in one place. Prefer running around. Mamma shouts, “NO running. Sit here and eat. NO, NO SS, NO Running, I said!!”. RS looks at SS, looks at mamma, and looks back at SS. The twins smile at each other. RS leans forward and dips her hand into the bowl of food. The food is then sweetly smeared on the mamma’s face.
Not sure if this is anger, vengeance or just plain love (in her attempt to ‘feed’ her mother).

So far, I’ve *ahem* NOT been very successful. B-U-T, I’m no lenient mom !! Am not the one to be taken lightly. I will not bow to the rebellion (albeit in milder doses) of the twins.
I’m a demon where disciplining is concerned.
And so, until the kids learn to understand the word “NO” and mind their ‘P’s and ‘Q’s, I shall not rest. I shall continue my quest for the perfectly mannered babies.

InshaAllah, I shall succeed. HA!!!!

Err….also hoping that the kids co-operate. You know, like NOT treating their mamma like a punch bag the WHOLE time !!!

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